Collide- An American Fantasy on the German Autobahn


Nicholas Hoult as Casey stein and Felicity Jones as Juliette Marne in “Collide” Image courtesy of

“Is that a Line?” Juliette Marne proclaims with a hint of laughter as she shrugs off Casey Stein’s pass at her about the possibility of two americans attending the same Rave in Cologne, Germany. A conversation starter nonetheless, but it’s only bears enough fruit to push the mechanics of the plot along for any unsuspecting attendees. Thus, the irony is that both Leads Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones respecitvley, hail from England as do their co-stars Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins. A true American as the film is produced and sold for couldn’t be further away from the film’s plot or exotic locations. However, such an ideal couldn’t have been dreampt up in any other capacity than by up and coming American Writer F. Scott Frazier. Whose Recent credits include the lackluster XXX: Return of Xander Cage and the semi-thought provoking john Cusack Starrer The Numbers Station. Collide is a far more enduring outing than Frazier’s aformentioned work, but it is also due in part to Welcome To the Punch Director Eran Creevy.

Once Niecties are exhechanged Casey (Nicholas Hoult) and Juliette (Felicity Jones) are shown happily in love through an invasive lip-locking montage ending in naked drunkness and ultimatgely a hospital trip, as juliette collaspes. Prompting, a kidney transplant that neither can afford nor will local healthcare providers assist with. Which finds Casey returning to his former employer aberrant mobster boss Geran (Ben Kingsley), whom also seems to be having a hard time with his own superior Hagen (Anthony Hopkins). As to be expected things don’t bode well for Casey which leads him on a chase across the German countryside from Hagen’s thugs and time is of essence as he’ll either return to the love of his life or get killed in the proccess.

Felicity Jones whom appears with shoulder length blonde locks, has appeared in massive tentpole one right-after-the-other. Most Notably as Rebel Leader Jyn Erso in LucasFilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but also in  A Monster Calls and the film adapation of Dan Brown’s Inferno. All of which saw Jones provide strong supporting characters that you wish you knew more about. Collide sees Jones take a backseat for the bumpy ride and its a fair one as the Birmingham Britt has had a busy year.

Nicholas Hoult is far from leading man material, but his determination as the down and out Stein is an all out scene stealer as he wrecks vehicle-after-vehicle on the German Autobahn, the film’s original title, as he races through Germany’s highway system. This also happens to be where Eran Creevy and Cinematographer Ed Wild let their cameras loose as Oners and extensive sequences unfold edit-after-edit.

Collide is whithout doubt a holdover film, but once over its minor speedbumps is worth the watch as the film is equal parts thriller and roadrace extravagansa. Veteran actor Ben Kingsley appears to have had fun as exuberant mobster Geran and that hasn’t been truly appeciated in the right light as his Trevor Slattery in Marvel’s Iron Man 3 could be seen as a distant relative. A better title, despite many collisions within the film’s action Sequences, would’ve done the film better as it’s closer to Romeo and Juliet (1966) with a touch of Smokey and The Bandit (1977). 


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