Yoga Hosers- A Relaxing Sequel true to it’s podcast Origins


From Left Harley Quinn-Smith and Lily Rose-Depp in Kevin Smith’s ” Yoga Hosers”

Kevin Smith’s “True North Trilogy” continues with Yoga Hosers, a subsequent monster adventure ridding the coattails of Tusk. That Finds “The Colleens” Harley Quinn-Smith and Lily Rose-Depp, stumbling upon dormant Canadian Nazis at work. Instead of going to that awesome senior party, an event both girls cherish second only to their cellular devices. A stigma that allows Director Smith to provide a hilarious social commentary on the overuse of social media, while creating homage to Clerks and creating an environment based on shenanigans from his massive podcast empire.

Working Manitoba’s Eh-2-Zed is tough beat for Both Colleen Collette (Lily Rose-Depp) and Colleen Mackenzie (Harley Quinn-Smith). So to relieve stress the girls temporarily close the store and perform tracks “I’m the man” and “O’ Canada” with heavily tattooed Ichabod (Adam Brody) in their off the books band. Only to re-open the Zed’s doors to unsatisfied customers followed by an offering of a satirical bushel of “Sorry aboot that” for the anxiously waiting customers. The following day at school where the girls get a lashing from gym teacher Mrs. Wicklund (Genesis Rodriguez) for going on selfy craze and potentially disrespecting their fellow classmates. The girls are then visited by Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp), questioning the disappearance of a man whose only crime was purchasing toilet paper (Harley Morenstein). Lapointe ultimately leads the girls on an adventure that neither wanted nor expected, to the bowels of Manitoba. That is of course after Colleen C’s dad (Tony Hale) and insufferable store Manager girlfriend Tabitha (Natasha Lyonne) head to Niagara Falls leaving the store for the girls to deal with.

However, as this is a monster film entwined around lighthearted comedy taking place in a convenient store nonetheless, its not all that shocking that the food comes to life via Bratzi (Kevin Smith). As convenient store food is sometimes the stuff that procures nightmares and in this case the direct inspiration for comedic material. As the girls fight against sauerkraut filled sausages that like to kill their victims first anally penetrating and then protruding though the victim’s mouth squealing “wundabar!” Granted, its not until the girls have honors history with Mrs. Maurice (Vanessa Paradis) that the first sign of any of this is going to take place as we’re given a brief overview of the connection between Adrien Arcand (Haley Joel Osment) and Andronicus Arcane (Ralph Garman).

Drawing inspiration from Tusk and subsequent smodcast episodes, Smith seems to have found himself as a filmmaker yet again. As Yoga Hosers finds clever ways to nod and in some cases outright make fun of recent comic book films while paying humorous homage throughout to his internet radio empire.

As the summer was chock full of sequels and prequels once more, Kevin Smith provides a fun filled adventure littered with millennial spontaneity that other filmmakers struggle to pull off in a convincing manner. Despite, Smith selling the film as child fanfare, Yoga Hosers would’ve thrived marketed to ages thirteen-to-thirty.

Those who attended the film’s roadshow premiere were treated to anecdotes from the cast and crew, but of note is when Smith mentioned that he even let Johnny Depp direct his own daughter in scenes, to the film’s benefit.




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