Jessica Jones- A Series worth Further Investigation.


Image Credit: From Left David Tennant as “KillGrave” and Right Krysten Ritter as the title character in “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”.

Continuing the street level superhero saga Marvel’s Jessica Jones Finds its niche somewhere between Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Robert Towne’s blissful Chinatown as Marvel gives us not one but, two heroes that will eventually join Daredevil and Iron Fist to form an Avengers like group known as the Defenders. A Separate entity, once the band has been put together. However, this will be one hell of a dysfunctional group protecting those ungifted in New York’s hell’s Kitchen and abroad. As Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) proves to be a volatile, yet not so amiable Private investigator standing up for those that can’t do it themselves, granted as long as it keeps the lights on in her dwelling dubbed Alias investigations.

Jessica Jones like her fellow cohort Veronica Mars lets us in on her thoughts via voiceover as she sleuths though New York “The city that never sleeps, but sleeps around” as she hunts down unfaithful spouses. And when the client is outraged with the result of her investigation she doesn’t argue, she throws him through the glass door of her apartment “then there’s the matter of your payment” she utters and closes the case quickly moving onto another; Deadbeats don’t pay the bills, infidelity does. Jerri Hogarth (Carrie Ann Moss) a partner with, Chao, and Benowitz. Supplies her with a slew of cases on a week-to-week basis despite, her having turned down a regular assignment offered to her because it had “Strings attached”.

Luke Cage (Mike Colter) whose endemic will launch in early September parlays as Jessica’s sidekick for a good majority of this thirteen-episode run. An indestructible beau whom not only becomes a martyr of Jessica’s sleuthing about, but also is directly linked to a tragedy in which Jessica was able to escape the perceptive anesthesia of her arch villain KilGrave (David Tennant). Conceiving this notion early on Jessica struggles to tell Cage the truth once she’s made discovery of KilgGrave “Cheating Death.

Finding Barbara (Deborah Hedwell) and Bob Shlottman (Ian Blackman) at Jessica’s threshold, as their daughter Hope (Erin Moriarty) disappears leaving promiscuous charges on her credit card as killGrave makes his triumphant resurgence; haunting Jessica along the way. Having fallen to a similar maltreatment herself some time before his abduction of hope.

Events escalate when Patricia “Trish” Walker (Rachael Taylor), Jessica’s adoptive sister, interviews Hogarth and Hope after her conviction via her own radio show “Trish Talk”. In which Walker questions the reality of “gifted” people and could such a man as KilGrave actually walk the earth and control minds? Ultimately leading to someone taking pictures of Jessica and giving details about her to KilGrave in “AKA 99 Friends”. Events like these litter the first season of Jessica Jones as she attempts to rid the world of kilgrave and her frightening past with him. However, there are flashbacks to events of the past with her eccentric “Jewel” costume in episodes like “AKA the sandwich saved me” or the arrival of her “powers” in AKA WWJD? Whilst making the argument that abnormal abilities can be the result of world changing affairs.

Melissa Rosenberg, whose credits include The Magnificent Seven, Birds Of Prey, and The O.C, has created one hell of a show here. Blending Voiceover with character interaction that doesn’t get to pretentious while still allowing for the slow build of character and plot. All-the-while building a good character that not only does the comics the civil service they deserve, but Rosenberg has created a character that that goes beyond that while still keeping to Jessica’s idealism that she’s willing to fight for a cause if its for the right reasons. However, Rosenberg’s dictation would be without merit on the page had she not cast Krysten Ritter, whom nails the character. Bringing a believable “Human” presence to the role that makes you believe her Jessica Jones is truly harboring a deadly past while living in an inebriated present.

Brian Michael Bendis writer of “Alias” the latest run of comics on Jessica Jones serves as a creative consultant to the show as well as an executive producer. Whom. No doubt is pulling his weight here as Marvel Executive Joe Quesada on a recent Fatman on Batman Podcast addressed how the character was essentially “retrofitted” into modern comic book lore.

Of the various characters living within Jessica’s tenement of note here is Eka Darville’s chameleon like Malcolm Ducasse. Never has a sub-character that goes through numerous changes throughout a season of 13-episodes, let alone a 22-episode run has been given the care that is exhibited here. From struggling junkie to helpful aide Darville proves to be a grand presence around Ritter’s Jessica Jones.

To Top it all off Composer Sean Callery, whom created the memorable 24 theme, adds yet another great opening title sequence to his resume’. With a slow moving, quiet melody that that resonates as the graphics to come a final close. His score throughout the show remains rather ambiguous and slow building as the tension between characters rises; ultimately climaxing as an episode draws to a close.

If you’re looking for a good mystery series this is it, or if you’re looking for another marvel fix this has you covered as well. With David Tenant knocking his rather unexpected turn as Kilgrave out of the park. Marvel has crafted easily one of their most human and maniacal villains yet. Not to mention that this show features some very adult sex scenes while cleverly avoiding nudity as if it were a comic itself. Jessica Jones is a mystery that requires further investigation.



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