Batman: The Killing Joke- A Wonderful Celebration of a Classic Graphic Novel


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BatGirl in Warner Bros. Animation “Batman: The Killing Joke”

One of the better Batman animated films to go into production in some time, Batman The Killing Joke, A long awaited and highly anticipated animatic based on Alan Moore’s Critically acclaimed one-shot of Batman; Is nothing less than a stellar and faithful adaption of a graphic novel that fans have universally accepted and cherished since publication in late March of 1988.

Although, up to this point Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill’s return as the Joker and Batman respectively, has been highly publicized. Those attending screenings for the Animatic’s almost non-existent showing will be treated to featurettes with Hamill about how voicing the character has affected his life after Star Wars (1977) as well how he came into such a job in the first place. After the Animation’s brief 1hr and 16 min. run-time those willing to stay will be given a second featurette about the direction composer Kristopher Carter took while scoring the animatic and how James Tucker the lyrical writer on Batman: Brave and The Bold-Mayhem of the Music Meister, created The Joker’s musical torture of Jim Gordon. (Voiced By Ray Wise).

Joining Batman (Kevin Conroy) and The Joker (Mark Hamill) is Batgirl (Tara Strong) whose alter ego in this incarnation is Barbara Gordon; a fierce coming-of-Age woman that can go toe-to-toe with Batman, while still claiming parentage to that of Jim Gordon (Ray Wise). A central character that will nonetheless be hard pressed to see a day on a live action film, let alone be remembered past the release of this animatic. Nonetheless, Barbara Gordon is fleshed out and is given an extra twenty minutes to build character up to that terrifying moment.

Director Sam Liu brings the pages of Alan Moore’s gruesome tale to life and writer Brian Azzarello, writer of numerous popular comics, creates a beautiful and harshly rich environment for these characters to play in. All of which is far from the norm of your average live-action adaption currently dominating the Hollywood box office on an almost bi-monthly basis.

For those willing to wait it out and spend the same amount of green on this Batman animation the Blu-ray will drop on August 2nd while if you’re reading this chances are its already available on VOD and Itunes.


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