Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice-One Big Self Advertisement


From Left Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Ben Affleck as Batman in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”  Image Credit


The spring battle every comic book lover has yearned for has finally arrived, as Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) duke it out head-to-Head on the big screen in a manner for more fashionable than its preceding debut in Man of Steel. A Film that would’ve seen the benefit had it not taken the post 9/11 route only to recreate similar events with the arrival of General Zod (Michael Shannon). Zod’s body thus having been left at the woes of science finds itself yet again the center point of destruction as Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), A conceded megalomaniac, pits the two titans against one another. Outlandish as it may be, Luthor seeks martyrdom with superman as Pontius Pilate did with Christ. With tensions rising in Metropolis Superman is painted a false messiah at the hands of Senator June Finch (Holly Hunter) and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) finds herself once more in a unique position due to her Journalistic Nature.

As the Death of Thomas and Martha Wayne (An Uncredited Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan Respectively) is relived this go-round in a dream-like state. We find an aged Bruce Wayne living in a post-Joker-post-Nolan Gotham, as crime is on the wave once more. Batman now brands his victims, which in prison is considered a death sentence as those with it cease to exist once behind the walls of Blackgate or Arkham Asylum. Events seen at the conclusion of Man of Steel are given new life through the eyes of Bruce Wayne and although the significance of Jack O’ Dwyer’s (Hugh Maguire) Death has yet to be seen, this angers the cynical billionaire. Who with an equally cynical Alfred (Jeremy Irons) wishes Bruce would just “find a woman to make him an honest man”. However, realizing the truth both men come to terms with the fact this battle is first of many to come.

Alas, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman appears only to set up the justice League and help fight the big bad. As she and Bruce Wayne E-mail each over a picture that was taken in the late 1800’s. A connection held on the merits of Gadot’s ability to look good in an extravagant Gown alone as both attend events held by Lex Luthor that seem to hold no more place in the film, as does the need for his role in it. However, complex Luthor’s appearance seems to be its rather simplistic and completely unnecessary once events have unfolded.

Batman V Superman is a major improvement over Man of Steel, yet its equally pragmatic at its core as DC Comics and Warner Bros set out to compete with Marvel on the same battlefield in which they’ve lost significant ground. Ben Affleck’s Batman is the least of the films woes as this was seen previously as a social media outcry against the actor’s take on the infamous vigilante. However, Feminists should be pleased with Wonder Woman’s appearance as the character proves to be capable of standing on her own two feet against the film’s real villain once called upon. Jesse Eisenberg shows some true gravitas with his incarnation of Lex Luthor as you can truly believe in his psychosis begotten of course by the ever tiresome “daddy” issues from which his fear of god complex ultimately stems. Needless to say Henry Cavill’s Superman is Slightly more tolerable this outing as this is the worst version of the character created yet, but what gives him any credence was the need for a rather revealing love scene with Amy Adam’s Lois Lane in the films opening frames.



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