The Man From Uncle


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From left Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo and Alicia VIkander as Gabby Teller in ‘The man From Uncle”

Loosely based on the Television series of the same name, The Man From Uncle draws its inspiration from the pilot episode “The Vulcan affair”. Switching pat Crowley for Alicia Vikander and sending her out to reconcile things thing with her long lost rocket scientist of a father. As it’s quickly discovered that the world is once again threatened by Nuclear Peril.

The names Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin are certainly names parents will remember and kids today will be stunned to know ever existed. As this James Bond Spin-off debuts at your local cinemas telling an origin story that these characters never had need for and Forgoes the history of the cold war altogether. No tension exists between Henry Cavil’s art stealing Napoleon Solo or Armie Hammer’s KGB Operative Illya Kuryakin. As the two should be at each other’s throats the entire film, not partners as an intense stalemate brewed between Russia and the US of A.

Briefed by their handlers, Solo (Henry Cavill) and Kuryakin (Armie Hammer), are given the mission to infiltrate the vinciguerra organization. Which is believed to be developing nuclear arms using a procedure that enriches the uranium at a rapid rate. Which, the CIA believes also to be the reason for Udo Teller’s (Christian Berkel) disappearance. Solo is sent to get close to Victoria (Elizabeth Debicki) while Kuyakin and Gabby (Alicia Vikander), who had been extracted in the film’s opening sequence, pose as a swinging couple to get info from Alexander (Luca Calvani).

Uncle is without question a fun film from Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie, but nonetheless is no comparison to his earlier works with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or the diamond caper Snatch after it. Ritchie’s cross cutting is all but lost on the audience, as they will more than likely figure out events before actually happen.

Alicia Vikander who swayed critical acclaim earlier this year with Ex Machina seems to be a casualty as well. Given, that all she is supposed to do is catch the attention of the leading man she works with. Vikander and Hammer share a couple moments of intimacy that is quickly forgotten about as solo and kuryakin proceed with the mission at hand.

Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill seems to be able to tap into the suave super spy fairly easily as he smooth talks his way through the film, much like Robert Vaughn did in the original series. However, Cavill and French actress Elizabeth Debicki can’t seem to find any common ground as any chemistry between solo and victoria is completely absent.

Daniel Pemberton however, provides a richly western score filled with Italian nuance that balances out the mood of the film, while John Mathieson fills the screen with beautiful exteriors and an excellent torture scene with Solo.

Hugh Grant who eventually becomes Solo and Kuryakin’s commanding officer Waverly shows up almost for the fun of it, as does Jared Harris as Solo’s CIA handler Sanders.

The Man From Uncle is far from Guy Ritchie’s better directorial efforts, but does allow to get completely lost in its fantastical world of spies, women and gadgetry. As Solo and Kuryakin tear up greater Europe looking for nuclear weapons.


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From Left Armie Hammer as Illya Kuryakin, Alicia Vikander as Gabby Teller, and Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo in ‘The Man From Uncle”


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