X-Men Days of Future Past : Rogue Cut


Image Credit :BussinessInsider.com From left Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Drake “Iceman” and Right Ian Mckellan as Erik Lehnsher “Magneto” In “X-men : Days of Future Past” Rogue Cut.

After a year of straight up teases from Director Bryan Singer via twitter and other forms of social media, the long awaited Rogue cut of X-Men Days of Future past is finally here! However, I am not going to review the film as a whole again when it already exists here. No I am simply going to go over the details and spoilerific extras that are included on this extremely well put together celebration of all things X-Men and film.

The Film

Running an additional eighteen minutes longer than the theatrical cut of the film, The Rogue cut restores what director Bryan Singer refers to as “The Rogue Mission” and extends other various scenes as well. Despite, this version being called the “rogue Cut” the most memorable of the deleted content is the love scene that took place between Hank McCoy (Nicolas Hoult) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) that not only rekindles the relationship seen in First Class, but shows that there was in fact something more between the characters. As the film comes to its Time “re-setting” conclusion some characters are given different deaths and others remain the same. This cut of the film proves its worth the double dip as those fans that truly love Rogue (Anna Paquin) will get to see a more mature and much evolved version of the character as the premise of the film builds around her as it reaches its climax.

The Extras

Two Audio commentaries on both versions of the film

Rogue Cut

Director Bryan Singer and editor/Composer John Ottman discuss the lengths they went through not only scoring the film and editing the film, but what it meant to completely decide to ax Anna Paguin from theatrical film altogether. Bryan Singer also discloses how he never understood what the purpose of doing a director’s cut was all about. There are also several moments where director Bryan Singer and Editor/composer John Ottman discuss life on set as well as original scenes that were eventually scrapped day of shooting.

Theatrical Cut

NOTE: Although never released on the Previous Blu-Ray Release of the film. Director Bryan Singer on the Rogue Cut Commentary makes notes of an additional commentary as if it had been released on the theatrical version of the film despite, it living on this extended “Rogue Cut” release of the film an not on the previous Blu-Ray Release.

Director Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg discuss how the writing in the film came about. Mathew Vaughn’s involvement is also covered as well as several production anecdotes. Which makes both versions worth listening to as it can be heard as free education from the pros for up and coming filmmakers.

Mutant VS. Machine– An in-depth behind the scenes looks at the film and the troubles of shooting with a cast that has been locked down with other commitments.

X-Men Unguarded A roundtable discussion with the cast and crew of the film.

There is also a second screen app and an extended look at the upcoming Fantastic four reboot. There are picture Gallery’s as well. Which feature costumes, storyboards, and concept art.

Final Thoughts

It’s worth every Penny “The Rogue Cut” does what the Watchmen Director’s cut does for Watchman. Which is deliver a more complete film that isn’t overly pretentious, but still allows the film to have the pace and keep you not only entertained, but ever more on the edge of your seat. “The Rogue Mission” also gives Xavier and Magneto that one final mission and stop ting united instead of apart; a premise that has always been a better sell in the X-men franchise.


Imaged Credit: Aceshowbiz.com From left Bobby Drake “iceman” and Right Anna Paquin as Anna Marie “Rogue” in X-men ;Days of Future Past” Rogue Cut.


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