Marvel’s Agent Carter “Time and Tide”


Photo Credit: Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter in “Marvel’s Agent Carter”

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) seems to have her hands full this week as she met a man climbing up to her apartment with a gun and had to ask Jarvis (James D’Arcy) The hard question of “do you want to tell me anything”. After SSR found the license plate from his fleetmaster in the remaining wreckage of the Roxxon explosion. Carter’s efforts however, weren’t entirely fruitless as Jarvis mentions that the night Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) was robbed, there was a big thunderstorm and power did go out.

As Peggy begins searching for the symbol Leet Brannis (James Frain) drew before he died, Captain Dooley (Shea Wigham) finds the transmitter/typewriter the silent Leviathan agent uses to communicate with his superiors. Worse even is the fact that he discovers Brannis had died two years prior to the events seen last week. Something that will no doubt lead to the discovery of who is behind the Leviathan organization threating post WW2 life.

On the home front Peggy’s Landlord Miriam Fry (Meaghan Fay) carries through with her threat to kick out any women who brings a man in above the first floor. He of course had the wrong apartment and met Peggy’s Walther as she pointed him in the right direction. Fry like Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter films; made even those uninvolved with the man in question, feel her wrath as everyone was harshly reminded of the rules.


Photo Credit: Leviathan Suymbol in “Marvel’s Agent Carter”

Peggy gets a hunch that Brannis floated Stark’s “bad babies” out to see and as they come to a spill way discloses the fact that New York is one of the few remaining cities that drains its water using storm drains. Peggy and Jarvis find Brannis’ symbol on the boat not only proving her hunch correct, but Stark’s missing tech. However, Peggy must fight a hulk of a man that fans believe to be the constrictor. Leaving Jarvis to phone in the missing tech Anonymously and leave the scene looking like it was a set up for Ray Krezminki’s (Kyle Bornhiemer) Death.

Time and Tide is just as fun as the episodes leading up to it, however it shows the cost of working in “The Shadows” as doing the right thing can sometimes have dire consequences. Krezminski’s death casts a giant feeling of sadness and of defeat as if the enemy had won, when really it was a small victory. Agent Carter continues to excite and will be half over as next week’s BlitzKrieg Button is the fourth episode in an eight episode run.


Photo Credit: Patrick Robert Smith as Butch Wallace the possible Constrictor in “Marvel’s Agent Carter”


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