Marvel’s Agent Carter 2 Hour Series Premiere


Photo Credit: Hayley Atwell in “Marvel’s Agent Carter”

With Agents of Shield on hiatus until early March, Marvel has slated that Agent Carter will takes its place for seven weeks. Well, that Tuesday has come and gone as Agent Carter is set to air its fourth episode in the coming week. The limited series is everything you hoped it could be, a post war without Captain America that looks deeper into the British agent’s life as Peggy deals with sexism in the office and continues her fight for what’s right in the shadows.

The Agent Carter two-hour season premiere consisted of two episodes “Now is not the end” and “Bridge and Tunnel”, which saw Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) back in action as Howard Stark’s vault of “bad Babies” was broken into. Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) of course tasks Carter with finding the party responsible for breaking into his vault of inventions not ready for mankind. Something she’ll do after hours when she’s not filing paperwork for Captain Dooley (Shea Wigham) or his right hand man Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) of the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve). Although an agent of SSR Peggy is not cleared for fieldwork, but this doesn’t stop her, as she is often one step ahead of the men she works with on a day-to-day basis. As they to are looking into Stark after his hearing before congress, in which he was accused of selling weapons to the enemy, proved him anything but innocent.

However, Peggy is not alone and is aided by Stark’s trusted butler Edwin Jarvis (An outstanding James D’Arcy) to assist her in the search for the truth. Jarvis is a bit thrown at first, as he must deal with his wife while still aiding Peggy in her efforts to clear Stark’s name of any wrongdoing. Jarvis eventually becomes confidant in his abilities after a few hits and misses on their nightly routine tracking down those connected with Leviathan. An organization that is building Nitromene bombs using the stolen Stark Tech that Peggy was is meant to retrieve.


Photo Credit: Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter in “Marvel’s Agent Carter”

These two first episodes find Peggy tracking the movements of Leet Brannis (James Frain). Brannis is believed to be the one responsible for stealing Stark’s technology that is until Peggy realizes its part of a much larger plan. However, her mission begins as an overheard briefing back in the offices of SSR and leads to breaking into spider Raymond’s (Andre Royo) safe dressed as a blonde to kill for. After being seduced by the elusive Carter, Raymond meets his end by what can only referred to as an observer like hit man out of Fringe as the man that killed Raymond doesn’t speak, yet receives his orders like a changeling.

Ray wise guest stars in episode two as Hugh Jones the CEO of Roxxon Oil that claims Stark slept with his wife. Jones also publicly announces that he has known for some time that Stark has been developing electrical Nitromene. He just didn’t think it would be the end of his warehouse if it were to see the light of day. One of the agents is asked to look through the wreckage from the Roxxon explosion as their could be a trace of who was responsible for it left behind in the giant heap of metal. Peggy is asked to help check the women for radiation at Roxxon as Captain Dooley thinks whoever was behind the explosion did so from the inside.

If 24 Live another Day moved at twice the speed of a full season, Agent Carter doesn’t fool around as the story moves forward with every episode taking place in 1946 New York. It doesn’t meander like Gotham, but retains that slow burn quality that makes Agents of SHIELD great. With the He For she Campaign recently released Atwell’s Carter can easily be seen as icon of it. Carter proves women can be just as great as men and often times put them in their place when hit on or fighting in the field. Granted, the one man she did love has been turned into a serialized radio show, but may find it again in the form of Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) as he has a soft spot her.


Photo Credit: From Left Hayley Atwell and Right James D’Arcy as Edwin Jarvis In “Marvel’s Agent Carter”


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