Marvel’s #AgentsOfShield “Ye Who Enter Here”


Photo Credit : From left Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson, Henry simmons as Alphonso “mac: Mackenzie, and Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse. In Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD”

SHIELD Director Coulson (Clark Gregg) and team continue their search for the hidden Alien city. Last week in “Things We Bury” Fitz created a map by installing a retrofitted mini computer to a satellite network that Skye (Chloe Bennet) was then able to hack and discover the missing city is nowhere else, but here on good ol’ earth; Beneath the city of Old San Juan nonetheless. “Ye who enter Here” is the first part in this season’s two part mid season finale that lives up to its name and gives those who may be losing hope in the show Sophomore season, a good steak to chew on.

In a dreamlike state Skye walks aboard the Bus to find Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) and Coulson holding a baby and spouting odd things out of their pipes like “tree poison fruit” and touching the box containing the diviner. Skye then touches the box and becomes a rock much like Isabelle Hartley (Lucy Lawless) did in “shadows”. This of course wakes her up and as Coulson reminds her they have to brief the team on the mission. Ignoring the obvious nod to original sin and what could have been a lucid memory with fragments replaced concerning her birth, Skye gets up and does her job like the good agent she has been bred to be.

In Vancouver Billy and Sam Koenig (Recurring Guest Star Patton Oswalt) are tasked with picking up Raina (Ruth Negga) and getting her away from the evil hand of Hyrdra. Coulson’s plan is that Raina will open up to Skye and will reveal Hydra’s plan for the city.

Meanwhile, Mac (Henry Simmons) says he’s tired of the dealing with the awkward silence between Fitz (Ian DeCaestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstidge) forcing the two to have that much needed conversation. However, life hasn’t been exactly easy for the young lovebirds as Fitz revealed his feelings for Simmons in last year’s finale. Simmons was immediately sent to work undercover for the three-headed snake post return from the depths of the ocean and is reluctant to be more than anything, but a “friend”. However, a girl chat with Bobbi (Adrianne Palicki) has her thinking otherwise when Morse reveals she’s never had a guy “friend” and that it’s always been the “roller coaster” first. Morse assures Jemma that even if its not a relationship with Fitz she’s pursuing at least be honest with him, because trust comes first.

Once the team lands in San Juan Bobbi meets up with her contact Diego (Carlos Rivera Marchand) for a conversation that is seen on camera, but not heard. Diego warns Bobbi about the legend of “lagerita Del Diablo” which translates to The Devil’s Century”. The Garrison was believed to have been built in the late 18th century and was built to fend off the British armies that wanted to invade the island. Simmons with her Tablet at the ready states that the specific Garrison they are in is believed to be haunted and that an entire guard on watch “simply vanished” one night.

As Skye meets up with the team Raina attempts to flee when Hydra attacks, but proves Coulson’s plan correct when she reveals all. Raina believes that Skye can touch the diviner and it won’t kill her, but also thinks she will reveal the path to the temple once inside the city. As well as an alien raced called the kree created the city and left the diviner so that whomever it chooses to keep “will inherit the earth”.       Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) Conveniently shows up to take Skye to her father.

The episode closes with Mac touching a symbol he shouldn’t have within the city and as a result it takes over his mind. Bobbi Morse has some sort of hidden agenda that concerns other agents on the team and agent 33 orders Hydra’s planes to shoot down the bus with May still on it.

“Ye Who Enter Here” is certainly not an episode to miss, as it appeared to have more than one cog turning at once on a much larger and certainly well oiled machine that it is. Coulson and team beat hydra to the city the question now is how will it affect Skye as she clearly seems to be one that will bring forth the long awaited answers.


Photo Credit: From Left Henry Simmons as Alphonso “Mac” Mackenzie, Ian DeCaestecker as Leo Fitz, and Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons in Marvel’s “Agents of Shield”


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