Marvel’s #AgentsOFSHIELD “Things We Bury”


Photo Credit: ComicBookMovies,con From left Haylet Atwell as Peggy Carter and Right Reed Diamond as Daniel WhiteHall In “Marvel’s Agents of Shield”

Agents of Shield definitely turned up the heat this week as Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) not only made another guest appearance, but the episode centered heavily on flashbacks in Austria 1945. Before and after Agent Carter captured Whitehall whom at the time went by Werner Reinhardt. “Things We Bury” opened with Whitehall testing people on the obelisk seeing those that survive from touching it and those that don’t. Noting that Race and sex have nothing to do with whom it saves from those it kills. Whitehall forces a woman played Dichen Lachman, who has appeared in numerous Joss Whedon Projects, touch the obelisk only for it to not kill her. Back in Present day Whitehall finally takes up The Doctor (Kyle MacLachlan) on his offer to show him how it works and the power it is capable of.

Director Coulson (Clark Gregg) tasks Bobbi (Adrianne Palicki) with interrogating Bakshi (Simon Kassianides) to see if they can find out what Hydra is up to. Bakshi is of course reluctant to talk, having been her superior officer when she was working for Hydra. Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) helps Bobbi think through the interrogation when he catches her “twirling” her batons.

Meanwhile, Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) surprises his brother Christian (Tim Dekay) at their family retreat. In a follow up to the season one episode “The well”. Grant takes his brother on a trip to relive some old memories and share his pain.

In 1989 Bakshi brings Whitehall back to the original group he experimented on and the woman that he forced down upon the obelisk has not aged a day. Almost flabbergasted Whitehall begins experimenting on her.

Coulson takes Skye (Chloe Bennett) Trip (BJ Britt), and Fitz (Ian DeCaestecker) to Hawaii to plant objects like a watch on people in power. Trip and Skye wonder what Coulson’s plan is as he says very little about their mission. Coulson has Fitz begin practicing how to put a transceiver together in six minutes or less. Fitz says he do it in his sleep the problem is he isn’t sleeping.

Flashback to 1945 to a SSR base called “The Rat” Agent Carter plans on keeping Whitehall in his cell the rest of his life. He first asks for a deal, which falls through, and e a montage of him doing a lot of nothing in his cell until Bakshi arrives to give him a “pardon” 44 years later making the time 1989 when Alexander Pierce and Nick Fury would start shield as we know it.

Coulson and team then land in Kayena Point Australia where they intend on using a US military satellite to create a map, which could lead them to the Alien city. Once there Coulson has Fitz install the transceiver so Skye can hack the network. Hydra ambushes team and Trip takes a bullet to the throat. The Doctor arrives to assist Trip, but mistakenly reveals who is and what he plans on doing with the obelisk. In a desperate motion to leave the Doctor severs Trip’s brachial artery, but tells Coulson how to save him.

As the “Things We Bury” comes to a close Whitehall has somehow taken the women’s gift and casts her body aside as the doctor finds her body in the forest. Ward also Waves the official Hydra flag as he joins Whitehall in his fight against SHIELD.

One of the better episodes yet this season “Things we Bury” revealed Skye’s mother and how she too isn’t human. Meaning more or less now that it has been revealed that the Doctor had his own agenda and Whitehall is the one he is after, Despite, how much he may despise Coulson for “taking” his daughter from him. Fitz also showed he is ready to be part of the team once more by helping out in the field and becoming a key player in finding the lost Alien city. Bobbi’s Interrogation of Bakshi may have been fruitless, but she and Hunter seemed to be happy taking things back to the old ways before they were part of the team. So much so that they even got it on in the SHIELD SUV that Skye used to get away from everything early on in season one.

Next week’s episode entitled “Ye Who enter here” is nonetheless a three-Parter as “what they will become” is the season mid-season finale. Things will no doubt be fast paced as big events are planned and more is discovered about Skye’s Past. SHIELD producers claim the show won’t be the same after the holiday break.


Photo From Left Ming-Na Wen as Melinda May and Right Elizabeth Henstridge in “Marvel’s Agents of Shield”


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