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Photo Credit: The HollyWoodReporter.com From Left Nicholas D’Augustino as Harvey Dent and Ben Mckenzie as Jim Gordon in Fox’s “Gotham”

Gotham’s “Harvey Dent” is still heavily dealing with blowback from “Penguin’s umbrella” as Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) Gordon’s squeeze was sent heading for the hills. This is what appeared to be the case as she left Gordon (Ben McKenzie) a note about how she can feel still feel the Presence of Victor Zsasz (Harry Carrigan). An act of pure subterfuge as the end of the episode saw her in bed with Renee’ Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) once more. A subplot that would have been all the rage had we not known about it in the first place, two women with a fiery passion is always sure to drop some jaws if done correctly.

A bomber by the name of Ian Hargrove (Leslie Odom JR) has escaped BlackGate penitentiary and is known for twelve bombings around Gotham. Hargrove’s Brother John (Luke Forbes) says he has a history of mental illness and the family could never afford to get him the help he needs. Although later on Ian shows he’s not insane and knew what he was doing, just had no real way of dealing with his problem. To say the least Hargrove was forced into a situation he wanted nothing to do with as Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) intended on hurting Falcone once more.

On the flip side Harvey Dent (Nicholas D’Agustino) wants to use Selina Kyle (Carmen Bicondova) as leverage against one of Gotham’s allegedly criminal elite Dick Lovecraft (Al Sapienza). A nod to writer H.P. Lovecraft as Arkham and its Sanitarium appear in his works. Dent readily shows us how two-faced he is as he is unable to bring him up Lovecraft on Fraud charges let alone the Wayne murders. Which Selina did finally give Gordon the description of the man whom she saw commit the act. Which isn’t whom you’d suspect either because the sketch looks nothing like Joe Chill.

Selina Kyle however, finds herself in the luxurious Wayne Manner, as Gordon can’t trust anyone at the GCPD due to a mole problem. Alfred (Sean Pertwee) is reluctant at first, but proves to be a mixed bag of emotions as she brings out the best in Bruce (David Mazous) and he acts like a kid for the very first time. The two bond over parental issues and find a common ground coming from completely different backgrounds. Bruce is Richie Rich and Selina is a street crawler; while Bruce has Alfred prepare every meal for him Selina is out digging for scraps.

As an end result of the Bad phone calls Mayor Aubrey James (Richard Kind) kept receiving and the fact that BlackGate cannot treat mentally ill residents, the newly renovated Arkham Asylum opened its doors once again. Which can only end one way as it slowly becomes the home of many supervillians in the Batman universe. However, it has been known for some time that Arkham was going to re-open as Morena Baccarin was cast as Dr Leslie Tompkins in late October. Tompkins who not only was a friend to Wayne’s before their death would eventually aid a certain caped crusader in his vast exploits through Arkham as well.

On a final note Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) discovered that Fish Mooney has Liza (Mackenzie Phillips) playing lap dog for Falcone. In a rather hilarious scene that had to have looked bad on page as Cobblepot creepily discovered that two ladies wear the same perfume.

Gotham will hit its tenth episode next week and if there is any trend to be had with serial television, this is where things begin to fully take form and live a second life. Everything prior too is usually just pillar building as characters and events act on their indiscretions and misgivings of each other. With next weeks episode entitled “LoveCraft” you can count on Harvey Dent being affected in some way shape or form regardless if he is in the episode or not. IMDB currently has everyone but Nick D’Augustino credited for the episode, but it has been known to change.


PhotoCredit: Caped Crusader.com


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