#Marvel’s #AgentsOfShield “The Writing on the Wall” with a brief Summary of Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Special from Pulp to Pop


Photo Credit: FatMovieguy.com The Beautiful Emily VanCamp Host of Marvel’s Primetime Special From” Pulp To pop”.

Last week saw a brief hiatus for Marvel’s Agents of Shield as Revenge Star and Agent 13 from Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Emily VanCamp hosted Marvel’s 75 Anniversary Special From Pulp To Pop. The Lovely Vancamp summed up events from Marvel’s early start up in 1939 as Timely Comics to a now fully functioning comic and movie studio it is today. Majority of the interviews from Stars like Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, and even Mark Ruffalo were purely “found Footage” edits. Whereas they did indeed conduct new interviews with Comic book fanatic and forever Fanboy and film director Kevin Smith. Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Seth Green popped into discuss some of his favorite comics as well. Jimmy Kimmel whose appearance was questionable provided some interesting things about how Marvel affected him as a child, but overall was a waste of screen time. Stan Lee mentioned funny tidbits and discussed in detail the creation of Spiderman. Jeph Loeb Marvel’s current head of television along with chief creative officer Joe Quesada explained the importance of characters and their relevance to history. If you had an hour’s worth of time that you felt you wanted to devote to Marvel this was time well spent as Clips from Avengers Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and the upcoming Agent Carter TV series where shown as well. Now lets get into this week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of Shield “The writing on the wall”.


Photo Credit : Collider.com Brian Van Holt as the Sebastion van Hold “The Stranger” in Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD”.

“A fractured house” ended with a stranger entering a tattoo shop to get what was to be the finishing touches of the alien scripture drawn on him. That same stranger is now killing off former SHIELD agents and carving the same alien scripture Coulson has been for weeks. Coulson not only wants to know why, but also feels that if he doesn’t find answers soon it may have an effect on him that will be irreversible.


Photo Credit: ComicBook,com Clark Gregg as Director Coulson In Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD”

During his latest Carve session Skye (Chloe Bennet) tells him stop and mentions how the GH serum is connected to the scripture and her father (Kyle McLachlan). Skye also believes the strange writings to be a map. Coulson discloses how he used to carve once a month and how gradual it was until it became once a day. With no theories and really nothing to go on Coulson and Skye then investigate the death of Janice Robbins whom died at the hands of the mysterious stranger (Brian Van Holt). They discover that she is a former SHIELD agent with ties to the TriSkellion and that Janice Robbins is just an alias, her real name being Rebecca Stevens. This still gives the three agents little to go on, so Coulson has Skye and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) use the same device that Raina (Ruth Negga) used on him mid season one in the episode “The magical Place”. Skye and Simmons take a less violent approach to get the information, but realize what’s at stake if they fail to find the answers.

After escaping federal custody, Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) is on the move, but no one knows where he is going or what he is up to. As Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) and the remaining team members try and bring him in. Ward however, is no fool as he quickly catches onto the new members of the team Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki) reading a book on the same bus as he, and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) sporting a bad cowboy accent with hat to match. Something that is rather hilarious.


Coulson’s “interrogation” proves fruitful as he remembers who the patients were on the “Tahiti” project. Those remembering the season one episode “Nothing Personal” know that Coulson originally ran and shut down the Project calling it “extreme” and noting the only way its beneficial to the patient involved is if a complete memory wipe is done. Coulson reveals that six people were apart of the project and that he knows who is killing them off. Which finds Skye locked in a cell as Coulson rushes out the door to stop the deranged man.

In a rather quick, but to the point end the alien writings are discovered to be the blueprint of a city and Coulson Tells the team he isn’t crazy. Just dealing with blowback as a result of his death during the Chitauri invasion of New York. Coulson also tells his team that overall they need to beat Whitehall and hydra to the city, because he is several steps ahead SHIELD and still in possession of the obelisk.

No longer writing on the wall Coulson tells Skye and May that the blueprint was the final “piece” he needed to see and he feels that the alien the GH serum came from was hell-bent on getting to the city. For reasons that will more than likely be revealed later on this season, but hopefully before Agent Carter begins. Coulson is rebuilding SHIELD after all; we just haven’t seen much of it going on. On a final note Ward claimed that he was going to keep sending Skye presents until he can get a face-to-face with Coulson. Which is far creepier than it sounds knowing what Ward is capable of.


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