#Gotham “Penguin’s Umbrella”


Photo Credit : Gotham.Wikia.com Jim Gordon (Ben Mckenzie) Prepares for war in Fox’s “Gotham”

It seems we’ll never know what Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) said to the Cops at the GCPD as Both Gordon (Ben Mckenzie) and Bullock (Donal Logue) were released without even so much as a good interrogation. Both were under arrest for conspiring to commit cobblepot’s murder. Granted, the foot dragging creep showed up right in the nick of time, but it begs the question. Why don’t Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) and partner Allen (Andrew Stewart-Jones) want the real story that went six episodes ago? Are they just bad cops that happened to be given the raise to Major Crimes? Who knows hopefully ShowRunner Bruno Heller has some kind of answer down the road. ‘

It’s a bad week for Gordon after he was released from the custody of the useless major crimes unit; he had to have a face off with Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan) as Ruthless crime lord Carmine Falcone (John Doman) wanted him brought in alive. Gordon however, had other plans like arresting him and Mayor Aubrey James (Richard Kind) for conspiracy to pervert the courts. For those out there that have a slightest hint at what Bogus charges that cops can actually arrest on, this is one. Gordon was out for blood thinking that this may his final day in Gotham, even sending the oh-so-desirable Barbara Keen (Erin Richards) packing until the war that he finds himself caught in the middle of winds down.

Sal Maroni (Recurring Guest Star David Zayas) finds himself wanting to keep Oswald Cobblepot around, but doesn’t want to give anything up to keep him revealing secrets. Falcone demands a piece of real estate and Maroni gets his way with giving up Indian hills in the Arkham project. Maroni also happens to be playing a chess piece in Falcone’s ultimate plan as Cobblepot is secretly working for him, but given the space to get close to Maroni for his endgame.

Seeking out connections to the Wayne Murders, Gordon found himself in hot water with Bruce (David mazous) as he wished not to be treated like child any further. Gordon did however; reveal that current events in Gotham are all tied to their murder in one way or another, wishing only to help him figure it out.

Barbara for whatever reason decides to come back to Gotham just as Gordon and with the aid of his rather Caricature partner Bullock. Attempt to Arrest Falcone, but reveals that he has Zsasz holding a knife to her throat as they speak. Bullock calls BS but Gordon isn’t quite so convinced. Gordon makes the hard decision and lets the bad guy go, but promises to bring down every dirty cop and gangster in Gotham, even if it means taking his own life to do so.

Penguin’s Umbrella is certainly one of the most explosive episodes we’ve seen yet from Gotham, but it also features some of the worst dialogue to come fourth as well. With some pretty predictable and rather straightforward events that even those completely unfamiliar with the world of Batman would have discovered, long before the characters in said fictional setting would have developed the slightest hint that they were about to get royally screwed. Given that this week’s events were long overdue and frankly unsatisfying. It means that we will finally begin to see things heat up as well and hopefully move in such a way that viewers are caught off guard instead of wondering when Gordon will figure it out that he is the hero Gotham needs because Batman won’t Don the cowl for some time.


Photo Credit ;Comicbook.com Harry Carrigan as Victor Zsasz in Fox’s “Gotham”


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