Gone Girl


Photo Credit HuffingtonPost.com Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike In “Gone Girl”

David Fincher has always directed dark and thought provoking movies such as Fight Club, or The Game. Even starting an unprecedented way of how we watch television as an executive producer on Netflix’s House Of Cards, which he also directed the first two episodes of. Recently, Fincher dropped out of filming the second Steve Jobs Biopic, which would have him directing yet another script from Academy award winning writer Aaron Sorkin. The Social Network was a huge success for both as it told the story of how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and started a social revolution. Fincher would go on to direct The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, an English version of the Swedish original, which as many know was really not needed. Fincher demanded a large fee for directing the Jobs Biopic which would have lead to directing The Girl who played with fire as well, something that will never happen. Which means Fincher can continue to do what he does best and that is put out intelligent thought provoking movies like Se7en or recently like Gone Girl.

Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) is a former writer that has settled down and has moved to Carthage Missouri with his Wife Amy (Rosamund Pike). Amy’s mother is dying and she like any other person wants to be there when the day finally comes. Nick has always wanted to start up a family bar. Which he later does with his sister Margo (Carrie Coon). They call it Plainly The Bar. Amy is a journalist and can take her work anywhere she goes. It’s a plan that can’t fail and the two can live happily ever after, at least it looks that way.

On the morning of their tenth anniversary Nick wakes up and goes down to the bar to talk to his sister and decide what he’s going to do for his darling wife. Upon coming back to his home he finds he his coffee table smashed and his wife gone. He calls police and they immediately begin searching for Amy as well as question Nick. He looks guilty. As he not only doesn’t know what his wife does for a living, he doesn’t know what she does with her free time or if she has any friends. Detective Rhonda Boney (Kim Dickens) isn’t afraid to tell him how it looks as his wife’s disappearance and possible murder could land in his lap. The problem is she’s missing a body and murder isn’t murder without a body. When Boney does asks the crowd that surrounds the Dunne house asking if there are friends of Amy’s present, Noel Hawthorne (Casey Wilson) steps forward as Amy’s best friend. Nick Claims he never met her. The disappearance of Amy is national news and Ellen Abbott (Missi Pyle) a talk show host that happens to be a former attorney says he killed her.

As the story progresses, it finds Nick reliving old memories and how he met Amy. Everything from that cheeky first meeting at a party where people have bigger wallets than most to how the marriage goes south. Which ultimately leads him to Nick finding a lawyer that could win a case in which he looks like the bad guy, but is someone who was caught his pants down. Nick sees Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry) on TV defending him without question as Bolt sees he’s innocent by stating the obvious about his case when consulting for a CNN like TV show. Nick seeks out Bolt and asks he would be lawyer if his case goes to trial, Bolt obliges wondering when the day would come when he see Nick at his doorstep.

The first move as Nick’s lawyer Tanner has Nick appear on Sharon hosted by Sharon Schieber (Sela Ward) so that he is a likeable person to people of world. Tanner is scared in that Nick has never appeared on and could ruin things for himself, but Nick kills the interview.

Tanner and Nick then begin looking for people that could give a positive testimony and people are found, but Nick also questions Desi Colling’s (Neil Patrick Harris) an estranged friend of his wife. Desi answers the door, but quickly shoos Nick away as if he is hiding something. Nick questions whether or not if he is involved with Amy’s disappearance.

Gone Girl is easily a strong contender as we move on into Oscar season; it’s a good return for director David Fincher as well. He may have struck gold with House of Cards, but Gone Girl is his style, as he likes to fool audiences with deception. Fincher also can credit himself for giving Rosamund Pike what may also be the performance of her career as someone who has been criticized as a bad actor. Ben Affleck and Kim Dickens are exceptional as well, but Pike tops them as her character has sinister intentions. Gone Girl is highly recommended as it’s not everyday a good murder mystery that makes you question what you just saw comes around.


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