Gotham “Arkham”


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Ben Mckenzie as Jim Gordon and Erin Richards as Barbara Keen In “Gotham”

Oswald CobblePot (Robin Lord Taylor) gave Detective Gordon (Ben Mckenzie) and his fiancée’ Barbara (Erin Richards) quite an unexpected scare last week. When all he wanted was to say that he’s back in town and there is news of Akrham Asylum’s re-opening. Careful to include the fact Salvatore Maroni (David Zayas) and Carmine Falcone (John Doman) are about have a serious street war over the turf. Falcone wants a low-income housing project and Maroni wants it as a chemical dump.

Sleazebag mayor Aubrey James’ (Richard Kind) proposes the new project saying that he wants to tear down the old building “Brick-by-Brick, if need be” in an obvious nod Batman Begins. His desire is to expand the current acreage by forty acres and so that the patients can be treated as originally intended.

Gordon (Ben Mckenzie) and Bullock (Donal Logue) are brought right to the Asylum’s front gate as a man named Richard Gladwell (Hakeem Kae Kazim) begins to start killing off councilman. Gordon thinks its first blood on Falcone’s side when in reality the hitman is working for both sides.

Bruce Wayne (David mazouz) suspects that his parent’s untimely death has something to do with it. He then begins his first investigation into the matter looking for a connection. Thinking that if he can help Gordon out he could be an aid to finding their killer as well.

Barbara (Erin Richards) predictably confronts James about the murder of Oswald Cobblepot and other secrets he may be hiding from her. While also revealing to him the relationship she had with Renee’ Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) before his arrival in Gotham.

Arkham is one of the best episodes to air yet for the series as it tries to build new cannon around characters we are already familiar with. There is also good news on the DC front for fans of the series as fox has ordered six more episodes brining season one to a total of 22 episodes. Not Bad.

Arkham Asylum will no doubt play a big part this season, but for those who haven’t played the game or read any comics about the famous nut house click here. It’s the best thing about the Batman Universe.


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