From Left Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon and Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock in “Gotham”

Gotham, one of televisions most highly anticipated fall shows debuted Monday to a surprising 8 million viewers. Despite that its world is hardly reminiscent of anything a comic book lover could hope for a show claiming to be a precursor to the Batman universe. Many problems are afoot with the pilot alone, and if it continues in such a fashion fans could find themselves shutting off the TV to put in Blu-Rays or stream pre-existing Batman films and TV Shows.

Jim Gordon played by The OC’s Ben McKenzie arrives in Gotham to find the city corrupt and full of low life scum like Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). Gordon believes in doing the right thing as can be expected of him, while dealing with legendary GCPD officer and partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue). Bullock knows the city in and out and Gordon quickly gets on his nerves when they arrive at the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Bullock tells the officer on scene that he never saw him and that the case should go through major crimes. The officer retorts that he sees him and that Gordon is interviewing the witness, a young Bruce Wayne (David mazous). The case is theirs. Gordon, if a dead horse must continually be beaten, promises that he will find his parents killers and clean the city up in the process.

The Wayne’s were in attendance at the movies, because clearly no one can afford Broadway tickets these days, and left the theatre in a happy manner unlike anything seen in the comics. Maybe Show Runner Bruno Heller thought it might make sense to update the Wayne’s plan for the evening, but then again they are the Wayne’s and practically built Gotham, they can afford Broadway tickets.

As Bullock and Gordon’s investigation into the murder continues they hit up Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) One of Gotham’s Crimelords for information on the murder. Mooney which is by far the most retarded name a villain can be given, even for comic book standards is pretty dumb, gives them nothing. Mooney would like to put an end to Carmine Falcone’s operations in Gotham, but in reality can’t work without him.

Without delving too much farther into the events that took place in this week’s Gotham, Gordon and Bullock continue their search for the Wayne murderer. Which as one might suspect will become something that is solved over its twenty-two episode run. Supervillians Like Ed Nygma and Joker make appearances, but they are hardly worth mentioning as they are all to young to know what will become of them. Gotham stands on its own two feet, but barely. If high ratings continue DC maybe able to add another show to excellent lineup of television, otherwise with the show residing on Fox could see cancellation down the road. Its pilot was directed by CSI Alum Danny Cannon which may stand to reason why the show wasn’t flat out boring as most pilots are, this being a direct result of the medium and its desire to tell a new story every week. Although more TV shows are realizing it’s easier to have a continuing conflict from week to week. Gotham was certainly disappointing, but it did deliver on some fronts, as Donal Logue’s Bullock is full realized from his comic book origins.


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