From left John Hurt, Chris Evans, and Jaime Bell in “SnowPiercer”

Global warming has become an issue and to cool down the earth seventy-nine countries have dispersed an agent into the Atmosphere by the name of Cw-7. This agent froze the earth whether or not that was the expected result. Only a couple hundred people have survived this Deep “Freeze” Some found shelter and others boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that is self-sustainable and is powerful enough to shatter ice barricades as it travels the earth making one full revolution once a year. Aboard the train a class system exists and this determines how grand of a life you live and whether or not you’ll be eating dinner that night.

Curtis Everett (Chris Evans), a dirty and poor young man that lives in the tail section of the train, is planning to take it over and kill its conductor Wilford (Ed Harris). He just might succeed as well as he has a great following of friends like Edgar (Jaime Bell) and even advice from an old man named Gilliam (John Hurt). With Gilliam’s truth saying advice and plenty of help from those he’s imprisoned with Curtis takes action and begins a revolt. What Curtis learns about the train and those around him provide twists and turns as he moves up through each car. Some carriages are full on aquariums while others are botanical gardens, which make up the ecosystem on the Snowpiercer.

Tilda Swinton whom always gives a performance worthy of remembering plays Mason, the train minister and discusses the politics of how everyone must stay in their “Pre-ordained particular position”. Swinton’s Mason also gives a very powerful shoe speech when discussing how life needs to be maintained in the tail section; Even going to the extreme and shoving Andrew’s (Ewen Bremmer) arm out into the freezing cold to further her point. Its brutal much like many of the scenes in the film following it, but nothing comes nearly as close as the scene in which Curtis must take on several armed butchers.

Snowpiercer is based on a French graphic novel by Jean-Marc Rouchette and Jacques Lob and beautifully makes the transition from Graphic Novel to film. Granted, there are some differences, but the overall feel is the same and it could be even argued that the movie goes above and beyond the comic filling in some holes making its villain a little more sinister.

Don’t go into Snowpiercer expecting Captain America, because you won’t find it here. Chris Evan’s character Curtis is far from the hero he is expected to be with a dark and rather mysterious past surrounding him and its not for those with a  feint heart either. Evans However delivers an excellent performance as he tries to get over the past and build a better future for those around him. Jaime Bell’s character of Edgar is short lived, but like most films these days significant and much can be said for Ed Harris’s evil conductor Wilford.

Snowpiercer isn’t exactly family entertainment, but if you’re looking for something that is full of blood and guts and a little different this might be the film you’ll wanna check out. As the box office has shown us this weekend there isn’t much new on the horizon.


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