Edge oF Tomorrow


left Emily Blunt and Right Tom Cruise in “Edge Of Tomorrow”

The Latest Tom Cruise vehicle Edge of Tomorrow is just that, another Blockbuster to add to the already long list of summer films that underperformed domestically.  Granted, it’s been a year since Cruise appeared in Joe Kosinki’s Oblivion, a film about a clone that suddenly realizes he serves the unjust evil corporation in the sky. In Edge he’s fighting against “Mimics” that in a war repeats everyday, think Groundhog Day meets Saving Private Ryan. It has all the potential in the world and is entertaining; you just want to fall asleep in the middle of the film, because you know what you are about to see.   The once interesting fall of a powerful enemy and the rise of an Anti-Hero you can get along with.

Cruise stars as Bill Cage a politician that is having a bad week when he tells his by the books General, a bland Brendan Gleeson, that he’d rather speak for his country at war instead of fight for it.  From here he is awakened at a London air base and is put into battle with the aforementioned mimics without any training. All Cage can think about is getting on the phone to someone who remembers him as a respected major so he move on with his life and the let the big boys fight the battle so he can go on being the spokesperson for the military. Yeah right, Cage finds himself caught up in discovering just what the hell is going on when he awakens each morning after dying a horrific death via mimic. Along the way he discovers that he isn’t the only one caught in what the comic book refers to as a “time loop”; here he meets Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) also known as the “Full Metal Bitch” a war hero from Verdun with many a kill to add to her already unique social status.  Cage and Vrataski don’t exactly hit it off as she struggles to believe his story until he saves her life mid-battle. Vrataski trains Cage how to use his “Suit” and each day they do their best to survive and kill each other off as needed to “reset” the day, if things don’t go as planned.

There is an end game in sight as well that the couple find themselves fighting for as they discover that Cage killed a mimic called the “Alpha” and surprise the big scary mimic to set them free from this un-ending war is called “Omega”. Their problem is they have no clue where it resides in the world, let alone survive the horrific Normandy-like battle they land on every morning. Vratraski has lived this hell before and didn’t make because she says she lost the “power” to kill the omega when she awoke in a hospital and was out of commission for months.

Edge is an entertaining and engaging film the problem with it is we know how it’s going to end, we just wish it would hurry up about it. The film draws inspiration from the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and aforementioned comic book by Nick Mamatas.  Some changes have been made, but lets be honest have you ever seen a Tom Cruise film such as this where the female lead dies a heroic death? I think not as every man must be lead by a great woman.  It would be out of place if such an event were to occur in a Tom Cruise production, let alone anything else he might have in store for future projects.

Cruise and Blunt are a believable futuristic couple fighting for freedom and are joined by Dr Carter (Noah Taylor) a scientist that studies the biochemistry of the Mimic species. Who just happens to believe their stories and helps them look for a solution. On the other hand they have Cage’s CO Master Sargent Farrell (Bill Paxton). A man all about fighting for the cause and standing up for his country, he just doesn’t realize or want to help Cage with his problem, but becomes a daily obstacle that Cage must avoid or do another fifty pushups and take up much needed time to get the daily goals accomplished.

Bill Paxton seems to be the go to man for supporting Roles as he not only played a small yet significant part in Disney’s Million Dollar Arm, but also held an entire season of Marvel’s Agents of Shield on his shoulders as the villain.

Edge of Tomorrow is a fun and an overall smart sci-fi film, but it’s also just another film in Tom Cruise’s recent slum of starring roles with little to no success at the box office. Edge is a film worth seeing; it’s just too familiar and plays out as expected.




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