Some Girl(S)


Adam Brody and Kristen Bell in “Some Girl(s)”

A writer whom is referred to none other than the man (Adam Brody) travels back to his hometowns looking for solace and forgiveness with women he’s had long and serious relationships with. These various women he has either sexually abused or just outright was an ass to. His reasoning for taking this trip across the greater US is that he is about to get married and feels he can’t do so unless he has the blessings of five important ex-girlfriends. In short it’s a journey of a fool and a dialogue driven piece based on a play from the same man that has written the remake of The Wicker Man Starring Nicholas Cage and In The Company of Men.

The ad campaign for this film featured posters with each girlfriend and what she is seeking from the man, before he will be given his apology an ode to move forward with his current lover. It ranges from wanting closure to even wanting revenge and complete truth. Sometimes easier said than, done in almost every case.

So the man’s first visit in Seattle is with Sam (Jennifer Morrison) a childhood girlfriend and lover throughout the high school years. His goal is to find out how he wrong her while saying he is sorry at the same time. The end result is a smack in the face from Sam and a yes to continue with his current lover. The man thinks this wasn’t to hard and continues his pilgrimage to Chicago where he meets up with Tyler (Mia Maestro). Where he learns that she isn’t the problem and could really careless about his current lover, but would like to sleep with him again. He return’s back to Seattle to try and smooth things over with Reggie (Zoe Kazan) another writer and sister of his best friend. Here the man discovers he truly bit off more than he can chew when she tells him her night with him changed her from little girl to woman in a matter of moments. Upon his visit to Boston to meet with the very British Lindsay (Emily Watson) the man realizes he has screwed up this woman’s marriage and to move forward she wants to sleep with him and give her glimpses into the future like he used to do. This winds up in utter humiliation for the man and he makes his final to Los Angles to meet up with Bobbi (Kristen Bell) the one girl he believed to be “the one”.

Purely a dialogue film about two people trying to move forward, forget, and forgive one another at all points in this film. However, it’s the idea of an overgrown man-child whom is foremost unable to forgive himself for his wrong doings and mistakes made with these women. This isn’t Writer Neil LaBute’s first bout with this type of film either as his first Screenplay In The Company of Men, is revenge film about two executives with failed relationships hitting the field to find a perfect young girl and ruin her life.  These are films clearly with a man that has had it tough trying to find love and has failed for one obvious reason. He’s an ass. 

Some Girl(S) is an entertaining film and certainly draws inspiration from its original play as it never leaves the soundstage and finds its characters primarily stuck to beautifully lit sets and light, but serious dialogue that almost is fruitless with the women the man meets until he arrives in Los Angeles uncovers ancient history with Bobbi. Kristen Bell gives such a heartfelt performance its worthwhile to sit through the misery concerning the other women in the man’s life to see her drive any change he thinks he has made out of himself. Adam Brody struggles to carry the film on his shoulders and often times the leading lady in the scene makes up for his shortcomings. Emily Watson’s Lindsay succeeds in getting him to do one the one thing he wishes not to do and forces him all-to-easily to have an affair with her once more.

If you’re looking for something deeper than your run of the mill romantic comedy this isn’t too far off, but it is depressing and makes mistakes. Adam Brody’s childless character clearly doesn’t know what an epiphany is anymore than Jennifer Morrison’s Sam forgets what a General Manager is. Lets not forget Brody’s the man describes emotion without saying he knows what it is in the highlighted battle with Bell’s Bobbi.  I’d recommend staying away from this one at the redbox or video store and stick with the classics you know. 


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