X-Men: Days oF Future Past


Nicholas Hoult as Beast James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men Days Of Future Past.

It’s been three years since X-Men First class was released to positive reviews, yet here we are again with Days Of Future Past, a Film that brings both generations of X-men together for the first time in one film. It’s a bold move for filmmaker Bryan Singer as he left production on The Last Stand to direct Superman Returns for DC.  Resulting in what has been described as the worst Superman film anyone has seen in years and The last stand was called a disaster right from the start of production. Hopefully, Singer doesn’t do this with his planned X-Men Apocalypse, which news broke months before Days of Future Past had a theatrical release date. Both Sony and Fox have bigger villains and story arcs planned with these films. However, not in good graces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they have to compete with it. Sony is building to a sinister six while Fox’s X-Men Apocalypse is supposed to be the equivalent to it. All because they want a taste of that Avengers box office. and who can blame them?

Like The Wolverine before it, Days Of Future Past draws its inspiration from a book by Chris Claremont during his run of the comics from 1975 to 1991. Minor differences and changes are made in the film, but it’s to the film’s advantage. Only so much can be lifted in its entirety from the forty pages in the book without giving it the title of being “Campy” or worse “fun”. It’s a story centered on time travel via the human conscious that allows the characters to go back to the 70’s and change things so a better alternate timeline can exist. It’s a good thing, but the X-Men have only one chance to pull this off or life as they know it, will cease to exist.

Sentinels created by scientist Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) have killed off the X-Men as we know them and only a few remain. Among them are Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Bishop (Omar Sy), Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), Storm (Halle Berry), Kitty Pryde (Ellen page), Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Blink (BingBing Fan), and Magneto (Ian McKellan). They are all on the run from Trask’s sentinels which were sent out to destroy all mutants as things escalated in the senate, meanwhile mankind discovers how a person is going to develop based on the genes they carry. Which could be a bad thing if you possess said mutating gene, you’d be Marked for death!

The year is 2023 and Professor X has devised a plan to send himself back in time to stop Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) from killing Bolivar Trask. However, Kitty Pryde (Ellen page) who would be sending him back with her ability to “phase” the mind back to any given time period. Warns him that his mind couldn’t handle it. Instead, Kitty insists that someone who posses the power to heal as quickly their mind would surely be deteriorating. Something the good ol’ professor just isn’t capable of. Which is when Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), steps up to the plate to save the world and all of humanity.

Days of Future Past may be the best X-Men Film ever created. Intertwining the older and younger generations of X-men and integrating them in a story in which everyone serves a purpose and not a single character feels out of place. Singer delivers yet another excellent X-Men film and even manages to bring back all those involved on the very first production to this current film. Which doesn’t distract from its main plot point and instead focuses all of its attention towards it. Granted, ninety percent of the film takes place in 1973, but its completely necessary as the tale involves characters and actions that ultimately decide the fate in this dark and grim future.

This is the only film in which you will see that Wolverine is complete with all of his horrible memories intact. This allows him to think and make the decisions he is more than capable of making. Without feeding the need to cut off someone’s head in order to do so. In many ways he is the voice of reason when  Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) needs to hear it most. He also has joined the X-Men for all they stand for, instead of riding off into oblivion on Cyclops bike.

The entire cast delivers a truly stellar performance. Charles Xavier is played once again by Patrick Stewart who must lead the X-Men and guide them as only he can. James McAvoy is excellent as Patrick Stewart’s counterpart, but really looks nothing like him in any capacity. Michael Fassbender and Ian Mckellan both play the part of magneto with calculated ferocity. Never overstepping their bounds and taking things into their own hands as Magneto, often does. Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t get much screen time, despite the fact that she is the film’s villain. There is a lot of pull between her Mystique, Xavier, and Magneto; but nothing concrete ever becomes of it. Its crucial for her to be seen and do the things mystique does, but never does she ever choose a side.

Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde who all but starred in The Last Stand in that odd Bobby Avoiding Rogue (Anna Paquin) phase, propels the story forward and is believable as someone who possess the power to send one back in time. Halle Berry, Omar Sy, and Shawn Ashmore serve as the X-men of the future and only appear to be driving force of the story.

Days of Future Past is highly recommended and is another great comic book translation from page to screen. That is if you aren’t already tired of superhero movies and their big tentpole budgets to go with them. Improvements across the franchise have been made with this outing and nothing but good can become of them if Bryan Singer doesn’t jump at the next superhero film someone thinks he should direct. For fans of this franchise this is a must see film.


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