Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in “The Amazing Spiderman 2”

So here we are again with another summer sequel, this time it’s The Amazing Spiderman 2, a film far superior to it’s otherworldly Spidey flicks that it will be hard to top or even come close to in the future. Granted, the idea of these rebooted Spidey films is to eventually bring the sinister six together and have an all-out-balls-to-the-wall-fight with none other than Hollywood’s web slinging box office successor Spiderman. However, it must make Avengers bank if a third film is to come together. This will more than likely happen with the comic craze that we currently live in, just at what cost is the question in everyone’s’ mind. This being the second film in the new franchise that is still focusing on the origin of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield).

It’s Graduation day for Peter Parker and his adorably smart girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). While Peter shows up fashionably late after dealing with stolen radiation canisters from the big science based organization of OSCORP, valedictorian of her class, Gwen delivers a speech about moving forward and how we should live each day like it might be our last, As well as how It’s a fast and ever-changing world in which best laid plans tend not to work out. Like, The Amazing Spiderman this opening scene sets the stage for the events that play out within the film. Gwen applies to the Oxford school of science and Peter as Spiderman faces bigger villains never seen before.

Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) the invisible man that designed the power grid at OSCORP walks to work everyday and feels like no one even knows he exists. Alistair Smythe (BJ Novak) picks on him everyday and because he is a suit makes him work longer than most employees or assigns him special tasks. Dillon has some sort of mental illness that is never addressed in the film nor is it even mentioned, but yet its clear because he speaks to himself and pretends Spiderman is there. Meanwhile Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) is on his deathbed due to the family curse of Retroviral Hyperplasia. A Disease that creates skin lesions and has something to do with fish. Osborn informs his son Harry (Dane DeHaan) whom inherits the multimillion-dollar corporation that he has this lovely disease by genetics. This angers Harry and he stops at nothing to find a cure to this disease. Peter stops by briefly and tells him that if he needs anything he will be there for him, they were childhood friends after all and Harry helped Peter get through his parental issues as well. The problem is no screen time is given to this friendship and it ultimately hurts the film’s climax.

Amazing Spiderman 2 is far better than any of its predecessors to date and features one of the best openings a film this day and age could have. Not to mention that Hans Zimmer orchestrates a beautiful memorable score that will make you think his batman score is nothing more than a thing of the past. Performances are top notch as well as Andrew Garfield finds the perfect level to be a smartass as Spiderman and frustrated teenager that doesn’t fully understand why his parents left him. Emma Stone is cute, as the concerned girlfriend that feels the need to move forward and achieve the goals life has set for her. Sally Field still will never be the Aunt May we saw in Sam Raimi’s films, but actually gives Peter the advice he needs to hear when he needs to hear it. Jamie Foxx is an odd casting choice for the role of Electro, but pulls of quite a threatening villain that makes Peter pull out the old high school science book.

The highly publicized Mary Jane scenes that were cut from the film doesn’t affect its storytelling at all in fact the film shows why it wasn’t necessary for her character to appear at all. It needed to focus on the Gwen and Peter relationship while still distancing the two apart from each other. Other Notable characters from the Marvel universe are also shown and given hints at who they really are, but leave you just hanging so you will want more. The Character of Dr. Kafka (Marton Csokas) however, is the only change that could come back and bite Director Marc Webb. Kafka was originally a female scientist that aided Spiderman in need and here she is a he and a Nazi and hell bent on threatening the film’s villain Electro.

If you’re a fan of Marvel universe this will be a film you don’t want to miss and the same goes for Spiderman fans as well. It’s a fast paced film with heart and with bigger expansions in mind as well, despite some minor hiccups.


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