Liam Neeson (Left) and Michelle Dockery (Right) In “Non-Stop”

A couple decades ago Liam Neeson actually did do notable films. This was long before he was known as the fatherly figure in action films such as Batman Begins, Star Wars: The phantom menace, and Taken. Neeson is known for playing characters that try to make the world better, instead of destroying it as it stands. Granted, we may never see another Schindler’s List, but he has in other films, played a character of moral upstanding that usually shows up to hand out advice when needed. The same cannot be said about Non-Stop; instead Neeson plays a recovering alcoholic that no-one trusts or even remotely wants pay as an Air Marshal. It’s a bit of an upset at first, but as the film progresses on we learn more about his character of Bill Marks and eventually see an Anti-Hero form in the process.

After the plane takes off Bill (Neeson) starts receiving text messages threating that a passenger will die for every forty-five minutes that $150 million dollars is not put into an offshore account. Immediately Bill begins to start looking at passengers and has the captain’s aided by TSA start looking into everyone’s background. Because who else could be threatening passengers, but another passenger? Surely it isn’t someone on the ground making these threats as the plane files at 30,000 feet in the air and these threats suddenly become reality as time passes on. 

Amongst all the tension Bill finds that he can confide in Nancy (Michelle Dockery) one of the plane’s stewardesses, and an anxious-Eager-to-land-passenger Jen Summers (Julianne Moore). With this help Bill has both women looking for the unusual while continuing their roles on the flight. A task easier said than done; as passengers start to realize that things and people aren’t as they seem to be.

There are several familiar faces in small roles in this film Linus Roache and House of Cards Corey Stoll are passengers that threaten to start a mob on the plane, while recent Oscar Winner Nupita Nyong’o is another stewardess that is hardly seen throughout the films run.

Michelle Dockery on the other hand, a fantastic actress that is finally getting more Roles away from her usual gig on Julian Fellowes’s Downton Abbey, is far to pretty to be just a stewardess on a plane, let alone a transatlantic flight.  As someone who travels frequently I have yet to be pleased with a stewardess whom even comes close to being on the same plain of beauty that is Michelle Dockery.  Liam Neeson is also excellent as an Air Marshall that we’re not quite sure we can trust, but builds his character very carefully so that by the films conclusion we understand him and even can relate to him. Julianne Moore’s Jen Summers on the other hand makes one wonder to what end did her character serve a purpose to the film’s hero? Because she isn’t very helpful and if anything is more or less in the way like James Woods in White House Down.

Non-Stop is a film that truly lives up to its title. From the beginning of the film you are thrown into a fast paced world where people jump to conclusions and sometimes you have just enough information to keep you entertained while other subplots are developing. Non-Stop is certainly worth seeing in you’re a fan of action, but others might find it boring and lacking in sustenance. 


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