Need For Speed



Aaron Paul (Right) and Imogen Poots (Left, in hands) in “Need For Speed”

With the end of AMC’s beloved Breaking Bad series fans no doubt would wonder where its famed stars would go from here. Bryan Cranston an already established and well known actor would return to film full time once more, The real question was what would happen to co-star Aaron paul? At the end of Breaking Bad we saw Jesse Pinkman haul balls out of New Mexico and shortly after the episode had aired, the first televised trailer for Need For Speed was seen. This would ultimately become a joke for some people, for others it was watching Vince Gilligan predict the future of the actor destined for stardom higher than the realms of Television.

Need For Speed, which put Aaron Paul through heaving training so that he could make his character look believable whilst driving at high speeds seen in the film. Allowed for some clever shots to take place and add value to what the viewer is seeing as well. Granted, chase films are nothing new, which is exactly what this film is all about instead of having a real plot and characters that anyone would want to care for, because it unfortunately isn’t here. Director Scott Waugh claims that he wants to put the viewer in the seat of the driver, but he does it at the cost of should have been done instead what is ultimately delivered as a final product.

Need For Speed is loosely based on the EA game of the same name and truth be told, when does anyone honestly remember these games having a main character let alone a supplemental blonde character and a half concocted story to go with?

Anyways, Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) and his friends whom are all expert Sports car mechanics that argue about how many clicks of compression they want in their vehicles engine, are tasked with building a 65’ Ford Shelby by Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper). Dino and Tobey have bad blood between them over a girl named Anita (Dakota Johnson) for years. Having Difficulty paying the rent for the shop his father left him years ago, Tobey Reluctantly accepts the job. What starts out as job designing a vehicle, leads to a private race with Dino and the death of Pete (Harrison Gilbertson). Pete was a friend of Tobey’s as well as helpful hand around the family shop. Tobey is then blamed for Pete’s death and thrown in jail. Upon his release he vows revenge on Dino and decides to deal with it behind the wheel at the yearly Deleon; a secret race held across the US and by Invitation only.  The race is held by Internet radio and race critic monarch (Michael Keaton).  Scheduled, to take place in the next 48 hours Tobey Races across the country and causes flare ups from both Monarch and Dino. Determined to make sure Tobey Fails, Dino puts a hit out on him hoping to put out of the race for good.  So with a hit out on his life Tobey must not only impress Monarch, but also win the race-before-the-race or forever hold his peace.

Of all the video game films currently in existence Need For Speed is the most technically and visually stunning of them all. Car crashes and explosions are real not to mention instead of looking like the vehicles are going fast they actually are traveling at high speeds, which often adds to the suspense of most action sequences in the film.

The acting from the film’s cast is about what one can expect; lines muttered, but audible from Aaron Paul and Michael Keaton’s entire performance feels phoned in from the Robocop remake. Lets not Forget Imogen Poots whom shows up as the 65’ Shelby’s “Protector” Julia Maddon and is later reduced to nothing but, a love interest for Paul’s Marshall and to provide some T&A with an accent in a male dominant film.

With all of the current Oscar nominated films and more recent Blockbusters like 12 years a Slave, Dallas Buyers Club, and the new young adult film Divergent (March 21st) in theatres. There are certainly better things one can see, instead of films like this that are hardly worth watching and hardly just their run times. So Need For Speed is not recommended.  


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