Veronica Mars


Kristen Bell (Right) and Jason Dohring (Left) in “veronica Mars”

Ten years ago a little show popped up on the WB channel entitled Veronica Mars, Little did anyone know what a huge cult following and historical Kickstarter Campaign it would go onto become. The Gone-too-soon series featuring Kristen Bell as a teenage Private Eye has returned in a different format and it doesn’t disappoint, it just may not be the film fans thought they were paying to see.

Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) is no longer the sleuthing outcast that fellow classmates would question the quality of their day, should they run into her. Today Veronica has grown up and has accepted a job as a mediating lawyer for a firm that mainly deals with CEOs and making sure lawsuits are settled out of court. God forbid they actually pay for someone else’s pain. Veronica has also settled down with radio jockey Stosh “Piz” Piznarski (Chris Lowell) in Manhattan. Life is nothing like it used to be in the fictitious town of Neptune California. Where the “O9ers” (Rich kids) run rampant and often have scuffles with others that aren’t so fortunate. In fact, that lifestyle is what caused her to leave sunny California in the first place.

On the eve of the Neptune High’s ten year reunion Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) Veronica’s violent ex-boyfriend is framed for the murder of his popstar wife Bonnie Deville (Andrea Estella) and without question she comes to his rescue to do what Veronica does best, solve a murder. Despite her recent career change, Veronica discovers that there is more to this mystery as old habits die-hard and stays until its completely unraveled.

It’s a fun film for fans of the TV series and by fan I mean die-hard fan, because it’s a film that that was created by and for them. Which will explain the very limited released the film has been given. The story centers on characters from early on in the show and many of the appearances made by favored characters almost implies that you have seen the show before viewing this feature. The opening montage is supposed to help those unfamiliar with the content, but you may just find it confusing and very misleading if you haven’t seen the show through its final run.

Veronica Mars made have made waves in the cyber world, but its very remiscent of the direct to DVD Stargate films that have come and gone while the TV series was still airing on the WB network. The story feels like a great two-episode story arc, one that cost 5.7 million to produce.

It’s a film that true to the series name and it’s a story that wouldn’t fit anywhere else, but in Veronica Mars’ lore. The story however, takes fourty minutes to get into and in the first ten minutes feels like its creator is doing shout outs to those have who helped bring his vision to life while delivering mediocre character development.

The acting is nothing special except from leading lady Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni. Colantoni is frequently seen on various TV programs and Bell has successfully made the crossover into films quite well. Whereas Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs and Tina Majorino a group of actors that aren’t particularly great may have enjoyed this type of exposure. Because to be frank, well haven’t popped in much of anything else worthy of mention.

Veronica Mars isn’t a complete disappointment, but it could be if you’re thrown into the world without having been properly introduced to mythology that started it all. Having said this watching at the very least the first season of this series is recommended, otherwise its watcher beware. 


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