Escape From Tomorrow



Roy Abramsohn in “Escape From Tomorrow”


In recent years we’ve seen a higher demand for content with Redboxes and the online streaming boom through Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. However, with higher demand comes content that isn’t exactly up to par with the films shown in movie theatres today. The content shown in theatres is nowhere close to the way it was five or even ten years ago, but that’s a whole different can of worms.  So with lower quality films on the rise through these various mediums its no surprise at all, that we’ve seen an influx of them. A number of films like Under The Bed, The Barrens, and Grave Encounters 2 can all be seen and generally get watched by audiences with lowered expectations. However, for such a film to be made in the first place, someone must first make it.

Two of the three films mentioned above are in fact directed by Full Sail graduates, but what you probably don’t know is that Full Sail students and alumni love to produce anything that involves Death, Drugs, or the just plain weird. Escape From Tomorrow, also directed by a Full Sail grad. Is no different. Escape, which, has gained popularity by word of mouth and how filmmaker Randy Moore directed the feature on the Disney world grounds without permission from the mouse; is no better than the films mentioned above.

Jim (Roy Abromsohn) is on the last leg of his vacation at Disney World with his family. All he wants to do is have fun and leave like every other satisfied customer, but when Jim starts to see Demonic figures on rides like it’s a small world and even a decapitation on Big Thunder mountain, he starts to question things and asks his wife Emily (Elena Schuber) if she has noticed anything out of the ordinary. She shrugs it off and thinks nothing of it, but Jim continues to see strange things throughout the park.

A brother and sister very rarely want to do the same things, especially in a theme park as big as Disney world. Emily Takes Sarah (Katelyn Rodriguez) and Jim takes Eliot (Jack Dalton) to ride Buzz Lightyear. However, what seems like a simple task becomes a pathway that leads to voyeurism and temptation for Jim. A good quarter of the film is spent as he wonders the park with Eliot following two French girls, played by Danielle Safady and Annet Mahendru. Nothing becomes of this infatuation and it begins to make one wonder how long Jim is gonna keep up this behavior. As the father and son meet up with the mother and daughter, the adults swap kids and once again split up. Emily takes Eliot back to the room and Jim continues his quest for unsolicited sex with Sarah in tow. Along the way Nurses are thrown at him, the French girls begin to notice his presence, and a strange woman (Alison Lees-Taylor) entices him.

Escape is without doubt filled with the idea of selling sex and the male reaction to it, but it also thinks it’s flashy with Asian men groping princesses. Instead, Escape paints the portrait of an overgrown man-child as Jim runs from one end of the park to another chasing these women. It’s mildly amusing to begin with, but becomes a downright bore as the film continues. Not to mention the odd little nuances like the aforementioned decapitation or even Spaceship Earth coming loose and blowing up. That is reminiscent of films by David Cronenberg or even David Lynch. This is of course poorly done and the feeling that Lynch or Cronenberg have created in their films is lost on this one. Escape is certainly not blockbuster material, but curiosity may be the reason why it’s starting to pop up in newscasts and theatres everywhere. 

DSLRs and other small video cameras were hidden throughout Disney world and the actors were told to act out the scenes, seen in the film in public even though the DP and Director were nowhere around. This was done to avoid attracting attention to those actually vacationing at the theme park. It has been called the ultimate Guerrilla Film, but its nothing more than a sexual adventure for a man that is clearly deprived of his desires. This is the kind of thing that is expected from Full Sail Grads for those that have gone to the trade school and for those new to content they produce. It’s a different take on what can hardly be called a Disney film, but is in fact an adult take on a tale we’ve already seen. Escape From tomorrow is not recommended in fact, stay away from it! Otherwise you’ll be wanting your ten bucks and your two hours back! 


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