The Crazy Ones



Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar in “The Crazy Ones”

The fall TV season may bring its string full of very good dramas, but this year there are far more sitcoms that appear worth watching than ever before. If last nights Two and Half men, which added Amber Tamblyn to its re-shapen cast wasn’t good then I’m at a loss and you should stop reading this right now. However, CBS knows this very adult comedy is on its way out and that is why The Crazy Ones is its lead in. This all may sound like marketing nonsense, but Crazy Ones is a show with spunk and full of heart.

Lewis + Roberts + Roberts, an agency is having a major meeting in which all of its employees are to be canned, but not if Simon Roberts (Robin Wiliams) has anything to say about it. Roberts promises a big named musician to come in and single a “jingle” for McDonalds the agency’s biggest and most important client. Creative director for the company and daughter of Simon, Sydney Roberts (Sarah Michelle Gellar) tells him that they need to snag someone who is cheap and available. This famous singer winds up being former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. However, Clarkson would rather sing about sex instead whatever Simon has on his mind. It ultimately winds up a little weird as the show builds to its climax in which we find Clarkson singing, “it ain’t The meat, it’s the motion” along with Zach Cropper (James Wolk).

Obviously McDonalds would never use this ad, so Simon tries to “pivot” Clarkson into singing the “Jingle”, which Clarkson claims she doesn’t do and storms out of the building. Which would ultimately find us with Sydney rushing to the rescue and convincing Clarkson to come back.

Although, Simon is above his Daughter on the pay grade, it’s never really touched on what his position is with the company. We know he started it and his name is on virtually everything from business cards to the computers his employees use. We just never really hear what his official position is. Nonetheless when Roberts isn’t encouraging the zaniness we see from his creative team, he is giving his daughter life pointers. Which is something one can expect from a character played by Robin Williams. Granted, he hasn’t had full time television Gig since Mork and Mindy, but this one isn’t nearly as memorable nor will it ever be.

Sarah Michelle Gellar does an excellent job as Williams Daughter Sydney, but was without doubt brought on board to bring in those Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans. Gellar was last seen on the failed CW Show Ringer in which she played a double Role. Gellar’s Sydney is one of few people that actually appears to take her job seriously on this show and also borrows her inspiration from that awesome Steve Jobs ad. Sydney does have back up in the form of Andrew played by Hamish Linklater.

Hamish was last see on The New Adventures of Old Christine a sitcom that had a good run, but was ultimately cancelled. Here Linklater was the very funny roommate of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’s Christine Campbell. Even though Linklater’s Andrew didn’t get much screen time in the pilot he’ll provide some laughs later on as the season continues.

The Crazy Ones despite its star power came off as nothing more than your typical and hopeful sitcom. It is however, something that could become quite big as long as it works out its few kinks and doesn’t continue to ruin the show with its national spots that just seemed to be everywhere prior to its premier. The Crazy Ones is certainly is fun as it is entertaining and if your looking to see something different, I’d check it out. 


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