The Wolverine



Rila Fukushima and Hugh Jackman in “The Wolverine”

The Wolverine takes place in the aftermath that was Brett Ratner’s X-men: The Last Stand, while making the failed reboot X-Men Origins: Wolverine, its own separate entity. Wolverine features an incredible opening followed by a phenomenal second act, but slips up in its third never to recover or catch itself from hitting the hard cement that lies beneath it.

After killing Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) the love of his live and having a hard time accepting reality after the fact, Logan (Hugh Jackman) reverts to living in the woods, drinking away his problems and making hunters that don’t collect their kill pay the price. Logan gives off the persona that he would rather die, then continue living out his eternity.

During the bombing of Nagasaki Wolverine saved a man by the name of Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi) and several years later, Yashida requests that Logan join him for his final few breaths in Japan.

During the old man’s funeral Assassins attempt to take the life of his troubled daughter Mariko (Tao Okamoto). Wolverine is then thrown into the action once again to discover who would want to kill the princess and deny her of an inheritance left behind by her father that she rightfully deserves.

James Mangold whom is known for directing the academy award winning film Walk The Line and 3:10 To Yuma, makes a valiant attempt here to get the character right and win fan approval. This task evidently is harder than it seems, Mangold joins that list of filmmakers who made sold attempts, but fail trying to cram to many ideas into an hour and forty minute film.

The fault however, doesn’t entirely lie with the filmmakers, but the source material from which the character lives. Wolverine like the graphic novel that served as the basis for this film also featured a solid beginning and second act, but ultimately fell apart in its closing of the story arc as well. Had a comic that featured a well-rounded story arc been chosen, Wolverine easily could have easily been the comic book movie of the summer.

Wolverine however, isn’t an entire waste of time its manages to get that camaraderie that existed in the graphic novel between Wolverine and Yuriko (Rila Fukushima) just right, as well as building and enhancing elements of the story in need along the way. It also succeeds in making Wolverine vulnerable unlike we’ve ever seen before. Not to mention it features a female villain named viper (Svetlana Khondchenova) frolicking around in green leather that likes to poison its victims and well, kiss them to death.

Not much can be said about a twist that comes about way to late into the film involving the Silver Samurai without ruining the overall plot of the film. It is however, all-to-similar to another Marvel film that has been released earlier this year.

Overall Wolverine isn’t a bad film, but it isn’t the best film we’ve seen either involving the indestructible man with claws. Die-hard Wolvie fans will definitely want to check this out, but if your looking for a good action film I’d stick with Pacific Rim


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