The Heat



Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in “The Heat”

When you hear the words “buddy cop movie” The Heat isn’t exactly what you might have had in my mind, maybe something more along the lines of Lethal Weapon instead. Granted, this is a comedy, but the duo of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy can hardly be called buddies let alone good friends. These two are at each other’s throats the entire movie over a case involving the mysterious drug Lord Larkin. Bullock’s Sarah AshBurn is a straight-laced and by-the-book FBI agent that in all actually could take the case away from Melissa McCarthy’s Shannon Mullins, a vulgar Boston cop with an attitude.  However, AshBurn is new to the Boston area and needs a chauffeur and apparently a lesson in dressing for a good night out as well. So the two decide to work together despite their differences. If AshBurn solves the case her FBI boss Hale (Demian Bichir) who’s been promoted to the DC office claims he’ll consider her for his replacement in New York. Meanwhile, Mullins is trying to dodge the family after arresting her brother Jason (Michael Rappaport), whom gets himself wrapped up in Larkin’s drug ring, but appears to be on the straight and narrow after years of the back-and-forth behavior; AshBurn and Mullins have their hands full and a lot can go wrong if the case goes badly.

The Heat is a surprise summer hit making 39 million on its first weekend, which is 13 million, more than Director Paul Fieg’s first feature Bridesmaids. However, the problem is, it lacks heavily on those laugh-out-loud moments that Bridesmaids was chock full of.  Granted, Bridesmaids is a different monster, but had more time been given to The Heat it could have been just as hilarious, if not better than Bridesmaids. There are several scenes in which we see Bullock and McCarthy walk into situations and realize that something is just horribly wrong about it. One scene in particular as shown in the film’s trailer is the nightclub bathroom. Bullock’s AshBurn needs to look like she belongs because the suit and jacket aren’t going to cut it. So Mullin’s literally starts tearing clothes off of AshBurn making smart comment after smart comment. This works in theory and the things McCarthy says are in fact funny, but that is due to its F-bomb enhancement which Mullins lets loose without a second thought. Sadly this shadow is cast over the entire movie. Bullock’s AshBurn is far from the cutesy funny we saw from her in other Films like Mrs. Congeniality or The Proposal. Here Bullock is too uptight and has only four boxes of stuff from her life to prove it, not to mention how she automatically turns down Levy (Marlon Wayans), a fellow co-worker, when asked for a night on the town. So between an uptight Bullock and too much McCarthy the film is almost unbearable.

There are indeed a few good laughs to be had here; just not as many one would hope for from a comedy Starring Both Bullock and McCarthy in the same film directed by the guy that did Bridesmaids. Alas The Heat makes a good Redbox rental instead of the movie you would bring your family to on a weekend such as the fourth of July. The Heat is not recommended and in fact staying away from it is encouraged,



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