The Hangover part 3


Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifinakis, and Ed Helms In The Hangover part 3


What is easily going to be considered the best comedy of 2013 is, without a doubt The Hangover Part three. Taking a back-to-the-roots approach Hangover three builds its plot around Alan (Zach Galifinakis) and his need for some serious rehab. So his friends Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Doug (Justin Bartha) setup an intervention for the forty-something year old partier. However, getting Alan to any rehabilitation clinic in the area proves to be more troublesome than Doug and his fellow “wolf-Pack” members originally thought it would be. Nevertheless, on the way to rehab Alan proves to us once again he is nothing more than an overgrown child that doesn’t know how to shave.

However, Hangover three also features the most intricate plotline seen yet in this party happy franchise, and quite possibly for any modern comedy out in existence. The mischievous Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) has stolen a million dollars in gold bullion from Marshal (John Goodman), a traditional Vegas mobster to the likes of Casino’s Sam Rothstien that wishes Chow were dead and buried. On the way to dropping Alan off at rehab the Wolf-Pack runs into Marshal whom takes Doug hostage and threatens the remaining members to chase down Chow and retrieve whatever remains of the gold or Doug eats a bullet.

What makes this Hangover different from the last two is that its storyline doesn’t feature a party and a subsequent scene in which our main characters wake up, well hung-over. It gets right to the point and deals with the problem at hand. It’s fast moving while driving home all the appropriate laughs that remind us why the first Hangover was such a success in the first place; and cleverly ties the three movies together. The film also does a good job of avoiding toilet humor and provides good solid jokes as well as focusing on the erratic behavior that encapsulates Alan. Who, if at any point in the film appears to be to over-the-top, is entirely on purpose, this is his story of recovery and change. Despite, all the silliness and flat-out awkward situations the Wolf-Pack gets into. Alan manages to find Cassie (Mellssa Mcarthy), a woman that runs a pawn shop in Vegas that the boys stop at to get information about the misgivings of Chow. Cassie, like Alan is a child in her very own way as well. She yells at her mom for no real reason, is demanding, and is unpleasant to anyone that doesn’t address her properly; all traits that Alan already has in his repertoire. In many ways its love at first sight, but when it comes to swapping spit via a lollipop do the other guys get grossed out by this and it’s like half the disgusting acts that were meant to be funny in  the franchises’ second outing never happened in the first place.  Regardless, the scene drug on a hair to long, to begin with and its meaning had long since passed by this point. It’s one of two hiccups in the entire movie, the second being an encouraging phone call between Phil and Stu during the film’s climax; which involves Phil reminding Stu that he’s more than a dentist, but a doctor.

Hangover three is a major improvement over the crap that was this franchise’s second movie and one that will be enjoyed by those that loved the first movie. Nearly everyone from the first movie is here, with the exception of Mike Tyson whose character would have felt forced here and Stu’s ex-girlfriend Melissa (Rachael Harris) and, instead we see Stu has moved on in the opening scenes and is seen with a different woman that cares for him. Granted, we don’t know her name or find out who she is, but the meaning is crystal clear.

The Hangover three is the last and final outing from the Wolf-Pack, and it doesn’t disappoint with good laughs heavily layered throughout the film and some growth of character from all necessary parties involved. It’s a step up from the last outing and the movie that should have been this franchises second act in the first place, not its finale. It’s great fun, but it doesn’t and will never top the events that were set into event in the soon-to-be-classic first film.  Fans of the first film will love this final outing; others will find it to be a satisfying ending to a three-part act that should have been one in the first place.



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