Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis In BUBBA HO-TEP

It was ten years since Sam Raimi’s Army Of Darkness ended with a bang and on a strong salute to The King, and by King I mean the one and only Elvis Presley. So here I am yet another decade has passed and then some writing about how fantastic this B-movie is; and how it is arguably the follow up to Army Of Darkness. Granted Raimi put out OZ The Great and Powerful this year and yet it too feels like a follow up to Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy while serving as the prequel to Victor Fleming’s 1939 original Wizard Of OZ equally.

Running out of steam and money to keep up with the  fast moving world, Elvis is ready to hang up his caped up sequin coat and pegged pants. So whilst driving about with friends Elvis meets an impersonator by the name of Sebastian Haff (Bruce Campbell) whom he signs over what remaining cash he has and the name itself. However, while in concert Haff falls off the stage and busts his hip landing him in early retirement and unable to move without aid of a walker.

However, this king can’t catch a break and the retirement home soon becomes haunted by Bubba Ho-Tep (BOB Ivey). An Ancient Egyptian mummy whose name doesn’t do him any credit, because he’s reduced to a soul-sucker in minutes and never referred to as “HO-TEP” again.

Elvis however, isn’t the only celebrity under the retirement home’s roof; he’s accompanied by none other than “JFK” (Ossie Davis). A man to believed to have been switched out by the government, skin dyed, and also sent into early retirement away from the harsh decisions of the oval office.

So Elvis and JFK must don their suits one last time and put Bubba Ho-Tep back in his sarcoughacus permanently, so they can live the rest of their famous lives to the fullest.

Bubba Ho-TEP in many ways is reminiscent of Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 even to the point of questioning where the movie is going in it’s second act and I’m sure Bruce Campbell felt right at home after ten years of nothing but small roles in television.

Bubba Ho-TEP is B-movie goodness at it’s finest and lives up to its cult status; all the while proving to be a good vehicle for Bruce Campbell whom plays the role better than other actors such as Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, and Val Kilmer in movies such as 3,000 Miles to Graceland and True Romance.

Bubba Ho-TEP is highly recommended for Raimi and Campbell fans alike, that at times drags, but provides a more than satisfying ending that does not disappoint or let up.


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