Evil Dead


Jane Levy In Evil Dead

It seems like the popular thing to do today is remake horror films from the 80’s. However, I question why this was re-done because Raimi’s originally produced independent horror flick was a fantastic by-the-book horror film which many have since tried to mimic. The problem isn’t that director Fede Alvarez doesn’t succeed in providing us with probably the goriest film to ever cross the screen since the original Friday The 13th.  Its just whatever you liked about the original film is no longer present or has been changed into such an introverted look at the original event that it simply falls flat or is simply uninteresting.

The character of Ash Originally played by Bruce Campbell is nowhere to be seen, or played by any of these up and coming actors. Instead the story focuses on Mia (Jane Levy) a recovering addict and drug abuser whom seeks help from friends and brother David (Shiloh Fernandez). However, as the group arrives at the old family cabin they didn’t anticipate that it was originally used as a sanctuary to rid people possessed by demons.

So upon finding the cabin the group immediately begins looking around and finding strange things and Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) doesn’t even begin to question what hell he’ll unleash when reading passages from the book of the dead—I mean the book of evil. Only when its to late to help David with his sister and Girlfriend Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore) whom quickly turn into evil undead with a desire to kill does he help. David is one popular guy, with the dead that is and is also the bitchiest character on the screen as well.

Evil Dead is produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell as well so it leaves me with the question, why is it so bad? If they were going to remake their original classic why didn’t they make it more enjoyable or more fun? Instead of providing us with yet another sub par horror remake. I can’t recommend anyone go and see Evil Dead this weekend, but instead would rather suggest viewing Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park in Imax because with this we at least know where the story is going and you won’t be disappointed with it. If you’re a die-hard fan of the original by all means check it out, but I’m not saying you’ll be pleased with it either. I know I wasn’t thrilled with how this remake played out.


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