Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster in Continuum

Continuum, which airs on the Canadian network Show Case and has since been imported for American audiences on SYFY, may have been the smartest decision NBC Universal has made for the network in quite some time. It’s certainly no secret that the network is famous for axing shows that have bigger stories to tell. Stargate Universe and Sanctuary to name a few recent shows that had audiences, but not quite enough of a draw to justify keeping them around.

Continuum is no different. The year is 2077 and corporate Protective Services cop Keira Cameron has successfully captured all members of an elite terrorist group Liber8, led by Edouard Kagame (Tony Amendola). What was supposed to be an execution turns out to be a clever way for the group to escape their deaths and travel back in time to the year of 2012 to take it over; thus running the future. However, what the group of baddies didn’t count on was that Kiera would follow them back to the past accident or not.

Keira’s goal is obvious stop Liber8 from accomplishing its goals and to get back to the year 2077 where her family awaits her; without letting partner cop Carlos Fonnegran (Victor Webster) know what her real purpose in 2012 is. However, Keira is aided by Alec sadler (Eric Knudsen), a computer genius with advance coding skill stronger than any other hacker out there in 2012.

What begins to look like a typical police procedural is actually a well-written and compelling sci-fi show, with a quite a big story to tell. Not only is it week-to-week show, but with every episode comes a little more of the big picture. Continuum doesn’t dilly-dally around with its screen time and it doesn’t go unnoticed. The show makes several statements throughout its first ten episode run against gigantic evil corporations that have either good outcomes or bad repercussions, all-the-while involving Keira, because she is after all CPS. Thus, her actions either for or against whatever the crisis may be, reflects on others around her. This also brings up the question just what was it she was protecting in 2077 and was it worth it?

Guest stars in the first season include Syfy favorites such as Mike Dopud, Jennifer spence, and Brian Markinson. I wouldn’t miss a minute of Continuum,  it just might be Syfy’s best show since Ron Moore’s re-imaged Battlestar Galactica left the network in early 2009.


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