The Client list (Lifetime Movie)



From Left Jennifer Love Hewitt and Teddy Sears in The Client List

In The Client List Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as Sam Horton a Texan whom has recently lost her job, and her husband Rex (Teddy Sears) is unemployed as well. So in a last ditch effort to provide for her family Sam calls a local massage parlor, although not hiring, she interviews and is given a job. Unbeknownst to Sam the massage parlor provides every customer, consisting of male clientele, happy endings with every visit.

The massage parlor is run by Jacie (Lynda Boyd) whom takes Sam in with wide open arms and encourages her to join her sex puppeteers, but Jacie didn’t fully understand what potential Sam truly possessed and What appears to be a slow running business quickly turns into an all day and all night job for Sam, whom not only does all the running around for her family, but provides financially for them as well. This not only becomes taxing on Sam physically, but mentally as well.

This lifetime movie gained enough ratings to spawn its own series, but truly lacks any characters worth further exploring. Rex is a deadbeat husband, Dee (Sonja Bennett) Sam’s best friend reacts to her situations in a time of need way to late; and if these people aren’t enough for Sam her mother Cassie (Cybil Shepherd) doesn’t immediately realize what her daughter is up to. Needless to say that these are things mothers normally pick up on without the slightest bit of proof, they just generally know when things aren’t right with their offspring.

The success behind this made for TV movie is simple, Jennifer Love Hewitt and her double Ds. Although this aired on a network for women, they must have husbands who saw the commercial and Said, “that looks good, we should watch that honey”.

The message in this film is simple, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. If you enjoy feel good movies this is right up your alley, but otherwise if your looking for a movie that shows off a lot of skin, there’s cleavage aplenty here, but you won’t find any real nudity due to this being a made for TV movie.



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