Straw Dogs (2011)

ImageJames Marsden and Kate Bosworth in Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs is nothing new, despite how original the trailer makes the movie look.  This film is not only inspired by, but is actually a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s original film which featured Dustin Hoffman as a David Sumner and Susan George as his wife Amy. 

There are slight differences between this new version and Peckinpah’s original; for example David (James Marsden) was not a screenwriter in fact he was a mathematician. There is also the fact that the bear trap that is seen in film is already in the house, but in the original it was bought at one of the local shops. Needless to say that Susan George wasn’t shy about showing her skin either; whereas Kate Bosworth keeps us guessing with the recreated scene. The original film also took place in Europe and not in Blackwater, Mississippi.

Coach (James Woods) whom is the town drunk and violent by nature is also given away to soon. Whereas in the Peckinpah’s classic he is quiet and reserved; so we really don’t know what he is capable of.

Enough about the minor differences between the two films, Straw Dogs is about how David and Amy Sumner decide to relocate to Mississippi on Amy’s wishes. The film is also about how the couple builds tension between one another and the ensuing threat that becomes Amy’s ex-boyfriend Charlie (Alexander Skarsgard) and his group of hillbilly friends.

I didn’t enjoy this remake of the film due to its lack of stunning visuals and Peckinpah knew that in order to sell his film that it would need to be purely cerebral. Unfortunately none of this can be seen in this new version and it truly a shame to take something that is great and screw it up.




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