Snow White and The Huntsman


Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart in Snow White and The Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman is one of those movies you’d wish was simply never made.  What starts out to be a potentially good movie, suddenly becomes garbage within a matter of minutes.  This is because, the film not only features name actors with poor performances, but it tries to stick to the original grim fairytale while putting a new twist on it. This would have worked if director Rupert Sanders knew what he doing and why he was doing it, in the first place.

The film begins with Snow whites father King Magnus (Noah Huntley) in a tragic state. He has just lost his wife and now he must raise snow white on his own. That is until a dark army stomps the ground of his castle; so Magnus must rise to the occasion and protect what is truly his.

King Magnus is victorious in battle and what he finds locked away in a carriage could mean happiness for the rest of eternity for him. However, this also makes one question just how smart the king in question is in the first place as well. Because if you happen to find a blonde beauty by the name of Ravenna (Charlize Theron) locked away in a carriage it doesn’t necessarily mean you can trust her now does it?

Now this is just the opening scene in the film, it doesn’t compare to the stupidity that follows in its path.  For example that the mirror on the wall is no mirror at all, and the fact that the Huntsman (Chis Hemsworth) is simply playing his Marvel character Thor minus his big hammer. Hemsworth doesn’t really add much to this film, let alone protect Snow White in a way that is effective towards the movie’s silly goal.

Kristen Stewart’s performance as Snow White In the film is the only one that is forgivable and makes sense from a logical standpoint. She has been locked away in a dungeon her entire life by Ravenna and is therefore not really much of people person. So when she gets out into the world this is the first time she has ever seen a tree let alone big scary giants, that prove to be more helpful than scary in the end.

The seven dwarfs make their appearance here as well; they just don’t have the same names as they did in the original Disney classic. For example one is called Finn (Sam Spruell) and another is called Beith (Ian McShane). They truly make the movie worth watching because well-known British actors play them in ways never seen before.

Snow White and The Huntsman takes the same approach to the story, as did Ridley Scotts take on Robin Hood.  Which is a more sinister,gritty, and an overall darker approach. Kristen Stewart certainly is no Russell Crowe, but her acting in this film proves to be more effective in terms of character than a hinderance to the overall film. Not that Russell Crowe is a bad actor, it just didn’t make any sense to have a pissed off Robin Hood, instead of one that is true to the kind and giving character we all know and love. Snow White does however, make one question, the logic behind the green light of this film; If Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood was such a failure why produce another equally awful film thats no more enjoyable than the last?

Needless to say that Charlize Theron’s Ravenna is least intimidating character in the film and the giants no matter how friendly they tend to be are indeed far more scarier then she is as a villain. It made me cringe everytime her character had to ask the gold figure on the floor if she were the fairest of the them all.


It has been said that great acting comes from great directing well; it has come to light in Hollywood that Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders were having an affair during the production of this film. This might explain why this film lacks any story if it were ever written on the page in the first place. If Sanders and Stewart focused more on producing a watchable film instead of getting each off in between production we might have seen a better film, but i’m not holding my breath.


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