Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies




            If you take that simple line from Reuben Fleischer’s Zombieland (2007) that in life you must enjoy the small things, and make it about human interaction; then apply it to a world that has become supersatured with social media you would have Warm Bodies.  The human race has become so attached to their computers and although it’s not exactly made clear what happened or why zombies walk the earth. The connection between the two is made without question. So a wall is built around what remains of the world, to keep the humans separate from the zombies.


In order to get medicine for what remains of the Human race General Grigio (John Malkovich) has sent his daughter Julie (Teresa Palmer) and a few friends, that consist of Nora (Analeigh Tipton), her boyfriend Perry (Dave Franco), and Kevin (Cory Hardict). To go and fetch it for him, however during a raid of an abandoned hospital the group is separated from one another and of course there are some casualties.  The zombies kill Perry and Kevin, and Nora makes it to safety; which leaves Julie alone in the zomified city by her lonesome.


R (Nicholas Hoult), a Zombie unlike the rest is able to think for himself and to some degree feel emotion. His encounter with Julie during the attack on the hospital somehow gave him a heartbeat that no other Zombie has. R’s encounter with Julie would ultimately become his cure, however the Bonies, zombies that have no face and are nothing but, well Bones don’t like that R has changed so they are hunting him down.


Warm Bodies is a wonderful movie that strays from your average zombie flick, like its main character the film has a heart, just one with heart disease. The reasoning behind this is the film features some pacing issues and virtually no character development for any of the major players except for R whom is reduced to a lackluster voiceover throughout the film. Granted he can only speak three syllables, but the voiceover is clearly a last ditch effort at establishing the story and how it unfolds.


The film unlike Battleship gets better as it progresses and we see the relationship build between Julie and R, whom try to convince the General that things are happening on the zombie front and the real enemies are the Bonies, not the everyday walker.


Warm Bodies is certainly one of the better films to open up this January and it certainly beats the hell out of watching Gangster Squad. If you’re looking for a romantic comedy this weekend, Warm Bodies is the film to see.





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