THe Odd Life OF Timothy Green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green


Disney is known for putting out warm-hearted family movies like Wild Hogs and Old Dogs.  Except this time around it’s more of an adult oriented tale loaded with humor that kids can appreciate. Granted, there is plenty of adult humor to be seen here as well, but the soul of the movie is purely an adult topic. 

 Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim (Joel Edgerton) have always wanted a kid, but they were never able to produce one. The doctor told them both that it can’t “medically “Happen.

 That same night Jim and Cindy finish off a bottle of wine while writing down all the possible things their kid could be. Then as if by magic a boy with green leaves on his ankles appears out of nowhere.  Cindy and Jim are both taken aback at first, and then they realize that this boy with leaves on his ankles is none other than their own. 

 The boy with leaves on his ankles tells the couple his name is Timothy (CJ Adams) and he not only becomes a source of inspiration for Cindy and Jim, but for the entire town of Stanleyville Pennsylvania.  Timothy always sees light side of things and never really gets boggled down by life. 

 The Odd Life of Timothy Green is hands down one of the better family movies I’ve seen in some time. Granted it’s mature content, but it’s still better than sitting through The Loraxx (2012) or Megamind (2010) any day.


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