The Impossible




         Granted that from November through January each year Hollywood is putting out its best films, all of which these film’s passionate developers, are hoping their films win multiple awards during awards season.  As we all know one film is chosen as best picture that year at the Oscars and in today’s world is considered sacred thereafter. However, it has been a long time since a film has truly shown what one human being means to another, and if The Impossible isn’t the best showcase of that then I lack any resemblance of a soul or there is something wrong with the world. The Impossible should get a best picture nomination, but if not then there is something wrong with the academy.

The very British Bennett family has traveled to Thailand for Christmas, however as the film suggests in its opening they got one hell of a gift that year; The 2006 Tsunami, that destroyed the south East Asian coast.  The Bennett’s that consist of Henry (Ewan McGregor), Lucas (Tom Holland), Thomas (Oaklee Prendergast), Simon (Samuel Joslin), and Maria played by a very convincing Naomi Watts. Get swept into the tsunami and broken apart Lucas and Maria wind up together and after some serious injuries find a tree to take refuge in. Henry winds up all on his own and scared for his family, that is until he finds Simon and Thomas atop the hotel in which they were staying.

The vast majority of the movie focuses on the family looking for one another and showing that when you’re with them after a disaster, as bad as this, you’re quite fortunate. Some people have never found their significant others after terrifying events like this one and the film shows just how ugly people can be, but it also shows that there are people in the world that do care about one another’s well being.

The Impossible has garnered Naomi Watts with a lot of Oscar Buzz in fact Watt’s performance is so well done that even Reese Witherspoon wrote an incredibly humble letter to her about how realistic her performance was. When Watts is nominated for the Oscar for her role in this I wish her the best because this year should be her year, it is incredibly long and over due that she hasn’t gotten a nod for the Oscar let alone the little statuette.

Another film that focuses on the Tsunami that hit Southeast Asia was Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter (2010), which turns into a film about life after death and people with supernatural powers. This was an interesting way to segment into a film about people with supernatural powers, but I don’t think it was the right choice considering how powerful The impossible was without bringing something into a story where it doesn’t make any sense to do so. 

I truly loved The Impossible because it shows that we as a collective can still have faith in humanity, not all is lost to the digital age where people seem more interested in themselves than anyone else. If you’re looking for a heartfelt drama, which teeters on the edge of being a tearjerker, than this is the film to see. 


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