The Expendables 2


The expendables 2

Considering the fact that Sylvester Stallone’s only real major goal with the expendables franchise is to blow shit up and have fun with all the has been action stars of the past. Expendable 2 is a fun filled thrill ride that does not disappoint.

Stallone returns as Barney Ross and in the over- the- top opening action sequence in some unprouncicble town in Nepal. The team saves Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger) whom plays a bigger role in this outing and provides some much-needed aide later on in the film. 

Everyone that was in first film plus Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Liam HemsWorth are here.  HemsWorth joins the group as Billy The Kid and Norris is Booker “The Lone Wolf”.  Van Damme is the Russian villain named Villan who lacks an accent and any semblance of a character. 

Expendable 2 in no way tops its predecessor, butt it is nonetheless entertaining. The cliché’s are over the top as well with references to Die Hard (1988), The Terminator (1984), and even Rambo (1982). This provides great laughs, but some jokes do fall flat. 

Stallone doesn’t return as director Here either, but it to the film’s benefit. Because his screenplay still shows that it needs better word placement and pacing.  We know that Stallone is more than capable of creating this. Simon West who has helmed other action films like Con Air(1997) and Gone In Sixty Seconds (2000) does a decent job directing this action bonanza. 

 Expendables 2 is definitely worth seeing if you’re a Die-hard action fan, but otherwise I would wait to see this stereotypical action film. It’s enjoyable to a degree, but it’s no Dark knight Rises or Avengers by any means.



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