The Darkest Hour




Sci-fi movies have the tendency to be better than most movies of today, however the problem is that we see too much of it. Because even some of the superhero movies that have come out like X-men or Captain America all have some aspect of science fiction to them. With The Darkest Hour the problem is that our characters are already at a disadvantage due to its simple plot that five kids are surrounded in an environment where aliens are not only invisible like the trailer suggests, but where the feed off of electricity, that simple thing that humans can’t live without.

Ben (Max Minghella) and Sean (Emile Hirsch) fly to Moscow to present their idea for a website or something of the sort only to have it stolen. Along the way they plan on meeting two gorgeous girls Natalie (Olivia Thirlby) and Anne (Rachael Taylor) and why not? There’s never been an action film without some T&A to look at.

Anyways Sean and Ben meet up with Natalie and Anne in time for things to go horribly wrong. After a few drinks at a nightclub and suddenly the power goes off never to come on again. There is a glimpse of what these aliens can do and they disintegrate any humanoid form simply by touching him or it.  The four spend a week inside a kitchen waiting for things to change and surprise! Its never does; so the group decides to leave and find all of Moscow deserted.

So amongst this nonsensical plot all of the characters decide to put light bulbs around their necks to let them know that the aliens are coming when in fact they hardly light up at all in the first place. Chances are you’ll see a car or a street light illuminate before you see anyone’s in our little group of characters light up.

Another problem I had with this movie is the fact that it too like half the new movies released this year is that I can predict what the characters are going to do based on the way the act or the actions they take. This is not good; a movie that is truly entertaining and worth watching is one that doesn’t give away crucial plot elements based on what characters do or say. Such is the problem here and this should be taken into account for any movie genre.

I unfortunately cannot recommend The Darkest Hour for obvious reasons now and if you have any desire to watch this movie after reading this review rent it for a buck on redbox and see if for yourself. 


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